Folio Toting Super Mum

So today I went down to Albert Park to meet with an artist’s rep / agent / person-who-might-get-me-some-more-work type person. Mum and Amelia came along for the ride (truth be told, I got Mum to drive us and I am so glad she did because she was a superhero when it came to changing lanes to get onto Kings Way where as I would have been a screaming, jabbering mess) and with them both safely strapped in, I flung my folios into the back seat along side Amelia who was singing squealy songs and we headed West.
When we got there, Mum took Amelia for a wander around the block while I went into the agency and sat down in one of their big black lounge suites and waited to meet with the rep. I was given a form to fill in listing my skills and experience and so on while I listened to the receptionists answer the phone and talk about word documents. As I sat there I suddenly realised that I was sitting in the reception area of an agency about to have a business meeting and I got all overcome and nervous. I realised that there was a bit of baby vomit on the collar of my polar fleece and then it occurred to me that I was wearing a polar fleece and that my eyebrows haven’t seen a pair of tweezers for ummm – (how long has Amelia been around?) 7 months… and my hair is really shaggy and unkempt in a very messy pony tail with the odd grey hair springing forth (long time between colours)… and I’m a MUM and there goes Amelia in her pusher wheeling past the window being pushed by my mum… I didn’t feel terribly professional at all!

But the rep came out and looked through my folio and was so very nice and relaxed and complimentary about my work and the way I have been growing my business that before I knew it I was having a pretty good time.

Afterwards Mum, Amelia and I sat outside a patisserie (which is what they have in Albert Park) in the chilly May sunshine and sipped hot coffees. Mum had a pastry that was shaped like an apple and I went for the chocolate croissant. We discussed how we might move to Albert Park and do this kind of thing all the time.

So we shall see what shall become of all that – perhaps some new clients. Regardless, it’s good to get out there and do businessy things from time to time even if I did realise mid conversation that there was a crusty blob of chicken-sweet potato baby food stuck to the side of my shoe.

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  1. My secret: blissful ignorance. When I go into an audition, I am very seldom nervous because I just think about what I’m doing and what I want to accomplish. After I come out of the audition and allow myself to think about who was in there listening and what I could’ve should’ve done better, then I get that nervous stomach-pit, but the audition is over, so it doesn’t matter. Without fail, when I over-think things before an audition, I don’t perform my best. Sounds like you almost had it – but it’s harder to maintain when they make you wait. No matter, I am positive that you and your work made a great impression. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve only been here like three minutes, and I am an instant fan of your site. =D The layout is so adorable and your blog is amusing. I love it.

  3. O…I’m hoping big things evolve out of you meeting! Big lushly illustrated things! And the fleece and sweet potato blob? They just add to your authenicity and your adorably eccentric artistic demeanor. Really.

  4. Good luck Looby!I know how you feel, having carted my folio to the stationary show this week. First time I wore a suit and nice shoes (not sneakers) in months.
    It’s tough to go out there and show your work. So hats off to you…

  5. I’ve become so accustomed to dressing however I wish all the time that I have no idea how I would ever put myself together if I had to work in a more “proper” environment. I’m always hoping that I’ll be seen as an eccentric designer rather than the scrappy college student I still dress like. 🙂

  6. I would think that in that industry, it’s the quality of your work that counts, and Claire, the quality of your work is professional. Never mind about how you were dressed; I’ll bet that was the least of the agent’s concerns. 🙂

  7. Claire your blog is so sweet and tasty! I’m an artist too and would follow in your footsteps if only I had the guts! Good on you for going to the agency – I’m sure they were charmed! Nothing but good things can come of this….

  8. says:

    you are an inspiration to all the “mums” out there.
    keep up the good work!

    (freelancing designer, mom of a 2 year old)

  9. says:

    Hi Claire,
    Dud you go to Duxx? I am registered there and get a fair bit of copywriting through them. A friend of mine is also registered with them as an illustrator and I think she gets a few projects too.

    Good lunch with it.


  10. Chicken + Sweet Potato baby food doesn’t taste nearly as nice as it sounds.
    This is one of the great disappointments of child-rearing.

  11. says:

    You know, when I first came across your site in the pre-Amelia days, it was for design inspiration. Now I check regularly for a different kind of inspiration. Cool parenting. 🙂
    It’s so heart warming to read about your daily adventures in work and family life. I wish you the best in both. Cheers!

  12. Claire nothing too drastic turning up in your uggies. The agencies here in Sudney have never been fussed over my unmatchable fashion sense. They do care at how you present your shtuff though. They can be a bit weird at times too. You’d probably do very well by putting your name in the books up here.
    here is something I like to tell aspiring artists, it is an old samurai saying :

    ‘The moment you’re concerned with the outcome, you lose the winning edge.’

  13. sorry, I wasn’t referring to you as aspiring there. you’re well documented as professional. I still use that saying to remind myself during the stress of freelance work. just thought the quote might be of some assistance.

  14. How exciting!!! I hope you end up getting a lot more business because of this 😉

  15. Yay – I’m so glad you did that, Claire. Going through an agency is just the sort of thing that you should be doing, that way you can just be concerned with your art, rather than worrying about marketing yourself. You will get heaps of work, I know it!

  16. says:

    Wow. DO you make a hardcopy ol’fashioned zine? If you do I’d love to swap one, either send me yo’ address or mine is 26 Helen St. Northcote.I love your stuff mate, and your drive rocks.