It rhymes with Mango

Wags the Dog, He likes to Tango,Wags the dog, he calls it Rango (??!!),
Wags the dog, it rhymes with Mango”
The Wiggles

We have entered the Wiggles era. I have been humming the above lyrics all morning and I’m not quite sure I have them right. Rango… hmmm. Apart from wondering what a Rango is (and thinking that perhaps that’s just how a dog pronounces tango; “rrrrango!”), I also want to know which Wiggle is the hunky one to keep mums entertained. I once read somewhere that Blues Clues was popular because the host, Steve (often reported to be dead) was appealing to both babes and mums alike… So gals and guys, who is it? Anthony? Greg? Murray or Jeff?

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54 Responses

  1. My 1 1/2 year old niece is totally into Jeff, as she shrieks with laughter when they all yell, “WAKE UP, JEFF!!!”

  2. I’m not sure about the Wiggles guys…all I know is that some of them used to be in a band called the Cockroaches in the 80’s. I must admit that I do like Steve from Blues Clues. Cute and just the right amount of dorky. 😉 I think the “dead” thing is just a rumor though.

  3. I’d have to say Captain Feathersword – I don’t know if it’s his piratey outfit or what, but he definitely gets my vote.

  4. Anthony won the Cleo bachelor of the year award a few years back so maybe its him….although the idea of an unfit sweaty man who wears skivies being the sexiest man in Australia doesn’t bode well for the us Australian males.

  5. It’s Anthony. In Wiggly Safari, all The Wiggles are wearing pants that are entirely too tight, which makes things mighty amusing.
    The sad thing is this: I don’t even have a kid and I know this. My only defense is that my girlfriend does have a kid and her son loves The Wiggles so they’re on quite a bit at her house.

    My guess on “Rango” is that it’s how a dog would say tango, a la Scooby-Doo.

  6. That Anthony guy got married on the weekend. Did you know that the wedding picture made the front page of a Sydney paper?? You would think his wedding was the event of the year or something!!

  7. says:

    Hmmm, I’m not sure I like any of them! Hehe. Ahh, so you’ve entered what I call “kiddie programming.” I’ve been in this mode for 11 years – having four children will do that to you. I can tell you what is happening on Blue’s Clues, but don’t ask me what else is going on in the world! 😉

  8. they are all so skinny! I like em skinny though so I would have to say Anthony.
    How can they smile like that all of the time?

  9. I’d have to say Anthony, I guess. None of them are really appealing to me, but I’m not quite close to his age,lol.

  10. It’s all about Anthony. He’s the Justin Timberlake of the under-4-and-their-moms set.

  11. says:

    oh thank goodness, I thought it was just me…Anthony is definitely the cute one!

  12. says:

    My sister, who has a 2 year old and a 3 1/2 year old, is totally into Anthony.

  13. I have to agree on Anthony… is this show in Austrlia only? I haven’t heard of it… but then my daughters 15 now :|)

  14. says:

    What about Captain Feather sword? I think he’s pretty cool, even though his name is a little rude.

  15. i’m afraid it’s D O R O T H Y Dorothy the dinosaur – hehe

  16. Eleanor is right, it’s all about Captain Feathersword. Edie -it’s on in the US on The Disney Channel.

  17. says:

    It is SO not Anthony. Have you noticed in the more recent videos he has had his teeth done and his hair coloured (very badly I might add, you can see the dye on his hairline)? He looks more and more like Matt Dillon’s character in There’s Something About Mary.I have to agree you can’t go past Captain Feathersword for most appealing …

  18. says:

    I have to admit I find them all horribly repulsive and nudged my two-year-old right through her Wiggles stage as quickly as I could!

  19. But what about you Loobylu? Who’s YOUR fave? Do tell all.

  20. says:

    Yeah I heard that one of the wiggles got married on the weekend and the bride wore a white skivvy! hehe only joking!

  21. clearly, none of them. grooooosssss.
    Steve was(is) CUTE 🙂

  22. Back when my 7 year old was a 2 year old, Anthony was the cute one. Then again, I knew of him when he was in a band (The Cockroaches).I must admit, I’ve not seen him in new stuff, but if he’s done his hair and teeth, then that sounds a little scary.
    I think I’d prefer Dorothy in that case!

  23. rango?! well… i don’t know if there is any sense of what i’m going to tell u. BUT in portuguese, rango means meal. it’s a lingo, or may i say slang? please, forgive my bad english but i’m from brazil and we don’t talk it a lot every day. =)
    but i love to visit your weblog. always when i get some extra time!

    nice meeting u

  24. says:

    oh and i love your illos! wanna draw like u when i grow up! =))))))))

  25. Oh sure…you could go for the “popular” one in blue but for my money Henry the Octopuss wins hands down – I mean, come on, ladies – he’s the only one wearing a jacket and a hat – how dreamy! And all those tentacles – just imagine how handy he could be (…”Yes I do have eight arms as a matter of fact!”)But shoes off before bedtime eh?

  26. I’ve never heard Steve was dead — only that he was the antichrist. The wiggles are a little too neat and clean cut for my tastes. All the primary colors make me feel a bit woozy as well — but I still find myself singing “crunchy munchy honey cakes” with alarming frequency. The wiggles puppets are pretty disturbing though. They used to make Ro baby cry but now he doesn’t mind them.

  27. i haven’t seen the wiggles yet – they weren’t around for my frist kid’s first forrays into TV, but they will be for my second’s. but steve was around & i have to say that steve gets my vote every time!

  28. Well, it sure couldn’t be the other three. Its definately Anthony. The other guys scare me. 😛

  29. says:

    hmmm..the wiggles, never heard of them but then again we don’t do tv…what do you think about joe ( new blues clues guy ) he at least wears a different shirt every day 🙂 and for kids music thats also groovy t o mum’s and dad’s as well as kids try “for the kids” it’s adult singers doing kids tunes put out by netwerk…and i do love me some seasame street platinum :)K

  30. welcome to wiggle mania. i have been listening avidly for around 3 years now, and yet everytime i put it on for a particular 4 year old, she still squeals with delight.

  31. We absolutly dreaded the end of Steve and the arrival of Joe but now I hear my dear hubby singing along with Joe and Blue and our wee ones from the other room as I am working.I love Blue and whoever her dance partner at the time is =)She is really the star *wink*
    We Wiggle here as well deep in the wilds of Wisconsin.
    Sorry to say we Dora and Blue and Wiggle then watch a bit more of Wiggles all in the background softly as the kids paint or play grocery store or chemical engineer. We try them on Seasame Street from time to time but the Wiggles dance and sing non-stop with not so much chatter that the channel always turns – the babies love the Wiggle voices.
    Dora and Boots have tied with Blue and Joe/Steve for the biggest interest in our little ones focus however and if it ever stops raining here and the sun warms up then off they all go in favor of outdoor bubble water fights and that Martha Stewart Sand Box we plan to build!!

    I love all the Wiggles…Men who would do so much for children have such brave and generous souls there is nothing sexier!

    We are looking forward to Nemo coming out soon and babies 1st movies!

  32. can’t help but be truly suss about long term kiddie entertainers – something about them has me just waiting for that news item about them being busted for pedophilia, prostitution, drug charges, money laundering or something else equally dubious.

  33. kylie! You’re so cynical girl… I agree that Steve does look a little shady in that little movie on his site… but the wiggles?? Come on! They are squeaky! I personally think Jeff is great. I like his sleepy thing – I’m sure I’m not the only mum who can identify with his need to sleep at any given moment.

  34. I have to say Greg, only because he was a teacher at my primary school before he hit the big time.

  35. Have you heard the “The Wiggles are TISM, too” conspiracy?

  36. I think I’m thankful I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Then again, we have K3 (, a girl band for kids, who are absolute plagues and whose songs I can’t get out of my head either. My 6-year old son loves them. My 2.5 year old son hates them and wants me to turn the tv off when his older brother is watching their show. ‘Niette Kja 3! Niette Kja 3!’ he shouts, which would roughly translate as ‘please take these awful women away, mommy’, I guess.

  37. my kids, 2 and 5, like the Wiggles plenty, but I must admit I can’t remember all their names. It is so hard to watch them at first, but soon, as many of you have mentioned, the lyrics invade your mind . . .
    But as far as kiddie/mommy idols go, I cast my vote for the Kratt brothers. Here in the states, PBS viewers may be familiar with their shows. These boys are cute, and rumor has it there is a fan club for them run entirely by mothers:

    However, my 5 year old son can’t get his mind off of Steve, the crocodile hunter guy and my 2 year old daughter can’t get her mind off herself–she’s in love with the reflection of the princess in the mirror!

  38. says:

    Although Anthony seems to be the popular favourite, I like Greg because of his crooked smile. He is also the only one who seems to be able to sing and dance at the same time. My husband thinks that Murray is the evil Wiggle which is disburbing because he lives nearby and we see him in the park sometimes. He doesn’t seem evil to me.
    The thing that is both charming and annoying about the Wiggles (we are currently in a full-on Wiggles phase also) is that their songs are catchy without being babyish. It means it’s not painful to listen to them 40 times in a row (well, the first two times was ok) but it means that for me, I wander around the office singing “Oooh, Wags he loves to shake shake”. It’s a bit embarrassing because I am a corporate lawyer and therefore supposed to be a bit serious.

  39. Hi Claire,
    In portuguese, “Rango” is a slang word for food. “Hora do Rango” means something like “Time for Lunch”.


  40. says:

    I think the Wiggles are all scary. Steve from Blue’s Clues is cute but short (We met him incognito @ Disneyworld a couple of years back.) He’s also got quite the hairy chest!

  41. steve is featured in a movie that wayne from flaming lips is/was working on. very odd clip about aliens during christmas i saw. and yes, i was a steve girl. it’s the buggy eyes.

  42. hi claire, just want to say have a great day on your first mother’s day 🙂 (where u are the mum!)

  43. I find them all scary. Worse, though, is the fact that I am not Australian and in the U.S. “skivvies” is slang for “underpants” !!!! Childrens’ show hosts running around in their skivvies would DEFINITELY get somebody arrested around here… =) When I have children, I’m going to brainwash them into liking Pink Floyd and Donovan and Oingo Boingo.
    (Oh, and Wayne from the above-mentioned Flaming Lips puts ’em all to shame! I love Wayne!!)

  44. Hmm..i kinda thing they’re a bit annoying..especially when they’re dancing funny. But my young cousins love them so much, I had to watch them while I’m babysitting them. Then you’re hooked.

  45. whoops! had a lil’ typo there.. what I wanted to say was “I kinda think they’re..”. Anyway, Happy mum’s day claire! Amelia’s soo adorable!! 🙂

  46. the skivvies slang in the US though was from the Victorian era and is a nautical term for undergarments – which back then they wore way more than they wear today! That made me laugh…my Nana would just turn red at the thought of skivvies being like thong underware instead of long john type unmentionables =)

  47. My vote’s on Captain Feather Sword.

  48. says:

    I have to agree about Anthony being the “Justin Timberlake” of the toddler crowd. I’m 26 and a mom to 3 kids and Anthony is just plain hot. I’d let him make me wiggle anytime! (LOL did I say that!?!?)

  49. i would have to say anthony also. though, they all look kinda creepy.

  50. It’s a toss-up among which one I’d like to slap the most. 🙂 All annoying, but Jeff and Anthony especially so. The best part of the Wiggles is that sped-up techno acid trip of one of their songs (on one video… can’t remember which) with the convulsing lizard puppet. THAT rocks.
    As for studly children’s performers, hmmm… haven’t seen one yet. I must be easily annoyed.

  51. Anthony is my absolute favorite…but Greg does have a great voice 🙂 The Wiggles are so much fun!! My kids adore dancing around in the living room doing the “Maaashed Baananaa, Maaashed Baananaa” 😉

  52. says:

    I believe the only reason Anthony had his teeth done was because he was having problems with them and had to keep getting root canals. If you read the “what’s new” section on the Wiggles website, they mentioned Anthony having problems with his teeth on some of the past updates.