Been up the country

We are back from a week in the country where it was a big ol’ mess of lovely family chaos. We met our new little nephew James (Jimmy, Jim, Jimbo) who is a sweet little thing. Amelia seemed very taken with him, and even more taken with my brother and sister-in-law’s dog Ellie. We walked, ate chocolate, drank coffee and even got the occasional good sleep. Now it’s back home and time to find a new house. My bones ache at the whole idea. Amelia and I are off to see a place at 4.30 that looks from it’s exterior shot on like it might have mouldy carpet, a leaky roof and a small “old style” kitchen which they try to pass of as “full of character” and “quaint” but really it’s smelly, damp and crusty. We shall see.

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6 Responses

  1. Good luck with the house hunting. My partner and I are going through the same thing at the moment so I sympathise!

  2. Keep an upper chin! Home will be found- just maybe not today. Know exactly what you want and what you are willing to spend- and no matter how ‘darling’ the realtor is… keep shopping!

  3. says:

    Welcome back Claire, good luck with the house-hunting.

  4. oooh, good luck, claire. something delightful will turn up, i’m sure.
    tim and i once fell for a musty crustfest of an abode on hoddle street simply because it had gigantic corrugated snail sculptures that someone had made in the front yard. it was an ode to snaildom.

    we weren’t totally silly, so didn’t sign up in the end. only *almost* totally silly. 🙂

    i keep looking out for that place years on, but i think it must’ve been torn down along with the snails.

  5. says:

    hi claire! i have been checking out your site for a while now, but this is my foray into comment-making!
    i just got back from a second interview in melbourne (i currently live in adelaide) and am overwhelmed by the prospect that i may be moving to melbourne (whether it be for this job or another) – and i may have to find somewhere to live!!! is it really such a nightmare finding rental places?! i think the idea of finding somewhere to live is more terrifying than relocating my entire life!!

    anyway, good luck with find somewhere wonderful!

    and ps: thank you for your adorable, gorgeous site! i love it!