testing part two

another test, another link

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8 Responses

  1. You’re pinging! You’re pinging! Hurrah! I love it when I can just peek at my blogrolls to know when to go visit.

  2. You are a bad, bad woman Claire!
    Now I don’t have any more willpower to NOT go out and spend more money on more beautiful fabric and yarn!

  3. mopsy_mop@hotmail.com says:

    This link doesnae quite work!

  4. http://www.weefolkstudio.com/
    Maybe one day Amelia J would like these Wee Folk. Hm?

  5. Wonderful site! What about to put my link here?Please, e-mail me!

    Trully Yours,

  6. -blink- does anyone know that it’s thai new year?