Head in the sand

We spent the last four days down at Wilson’s Prom with friends and food and babies, the mountains, the forest and the sea. We had no TV and I didn’t look at the paper the whole time we were there. Even though there was a spider bigger than a man’s hand hanging in the rafters and hot, hot sleepless nights and mosquitoes singing in our ears I wish I was back there far away from the real world and all the heaviness that brings.

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15 Responses

  1. Thankyou from me too for putting a big smile in my day. They are right, she’s gorgeous.

  2. Mgb and I are heading for a short weekend retreat tomorrow. It will be nice to get away from the chaos of the city and cable TV with its endless news feed. Heaviness indeed. Sadness abounds in our house too. I am, however, bolstered by the fact that many people spoke their minds in favor of peace. It gives me hope for the future.

  3. Amelia is soooooooooooooooooooo cute! i’ve always avoided roughing it as much as possible, but when i have had brushes with camping or getting away from it all, i’ve been surprised at how much i enjoyed myself. but there’s never as sweet a feeling as coming home and sinking into my bed.

  4. fiona@netlink.net.au says:

    Oh, the Prom! Beautiful! 🙂

  5. A spider bigger than a man’s hand?! I don’t think I will be going there anytime soon!

  6. Just spent some time at the beach today (no swimming!), and tried to catch a picture of a turtle eating so close to shore!Saw AJ’s pic in her kangaroo pack and she is just beautiful! Wowee!

  7. Heavy vibes abound here too. But i too, have hope for the future. Maybe this is just a low point in our evolutionary progress to somewhere better. Here’s hoping.

  8. It’s nice to get away from everything for a little while, especially right now.
    Oh, and please post more pictures of your beautiful little girl, if you have time! She is so adorable! 🙂

  9. Four days with mountains, the forest and the sea! Sounds like bliss…. there isn’t enough space in Holland to ever feel that you’ve gotten away from it all.

  10. celblaus@yahoo.com.br says:

    It’s a very beautiful place, like some places here in Brazil. And Amelia… what a beautiful baby!!!

  11. Maybe Wilson’s Prom is the ‘real’ world. I wonder how much of what happens in the world is fueled by the news media?

  12. AJ is beautiful. Just beautiful.
    Thank you for some light in all this darkness.

  13. I can’t believe we are at war now. It seems so surreal. I have been avoiding any news about it, but it has finally hit me. Last night I had a horrid dream about bomber planes flying low over my house and attacking us. I woke up this morning feeling like death and with fears about what is going to happen to the state of our planet, although I guess it’s already pretty messed up, we just don’t see most of it. SO Loobylu, it is lovely, an absolute delight, to read a post that conjurs up happy friendly joyful images! Thankyou!

  14. My family and I went to Wilson’s Promontory about 5 years ago. I remember running through the rocks and making disoveries in the sand. Oh I wish I was 13 again!

  15. s.alexander@sagetechnology.com.au says:

    Our close friends get together twice a year to visit Wilsons Prom. We hire one of the large cabins (sleeps 12). It is a great experience and slowly it is becoming an experience filled with children as we get older. We have been going there for over 10 years now I would say, if you can organise it then go, you wont be disappointed.