I’m absolutely exhausted! It could be all the crazy yoga I did this morning, or the change in weather from very very hot to relatively cold, but all I want to do is curl up in bed and have a big long luxurious nap. But no, there’s no time for that. I am waiting for an approval from a client who will no doubt call just as I am about to feed Amelia who will then scream (understandably) for all the time while I am on the phone discussing colours and composition.

I am still working on the changes to the web site. Eventually there will be archives by date and category, so if you want to read all about my cooking adventures but leave out all the guff about illustration and deadlines then you’ll be able to go to the “cooking” page and ignore the rest! I’m not sure if this is really a totally necessary feature on my site but it’s kind of fun to nut out all the movable type stuff.

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15 Responses

  1. Oooh, Claire, I do hope you post a category that displays all the posts WITH illustrations! On a day when my eyes don’t feel like reading, it’d be so fun to look through all your drawings at once!

  2. Hello!the new site is looking fantastic!!

    palleeeease post some baby pictures!

  3. Baby Yoga looks like fun.
    I think the crazy Melbourne weather is making everyone tired. Who would have thought that come 1st March winter would hit so hard? I’m eating soup and wearing jumpers while last week I was sunbaking in my bikini 🙂

  4. Yep – I’ve had to put my bikini out to pasture. I am sure it will be so glad for the rest!

  5. just a tad strange to read about your autumn as I am yearning for spring! though fall was always my favorite…

  6. says:

    I think that the Yoga picture is adorable. It reminds me of Flat Stanley. In a good way.

  7. We have a similar situation here, the coldest February in years, the coldest winter in years and then suddenly! Its spring. Of course ‘spring’ is a relative thing, but 10 C is very very warm! Usually we don’t see these temperatures till April!! (But I still dream about beautiful warm melbourne weather…..never thought I’d say that!)

  8. I found it so strange that you posted “Autumn” on your header graphic… I’m in the Northern Hemisphere, and where we are it’s still very much winter! The thought of Spring is still relatively far off. Or at least it feels that way, as it was around -18oC this morning! brr!
    Enjoy the cooler weather, sounds like you guys deserve it!

  9. The cut-paper look and colors of these latest illustrations are starting to remind me of Ezra Jack Keats! Things are looking rather painterly around here…I love it.

  10. schleepy is the best word to describe me at the moment. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as tired as I am now. Intrestingly enough, yesterday was beautiful here in Colorado but now its snowing. While not uncommon for us it has still driven me into hibernation mode. I had to tell my boss I was going to be late to work because I just couldn’t out of bed. *yawn*

  11. someone flattened your baby during yoga! aaaaaahhhh!
    hehe. anyway, lookin’ good, lady! i envy your talent.

  12. it is freezing here – we had no heat last night so the temps dropped v. low and my husband and i had to huddle under a giant pile of blankets and think of spring. the snow is falling now – 1 inch last night and 6-9 inches expected today. i did yoga this morning and thought about walks and gardens and sunshine. it is odd to think that on the other side of the world, people are thinking the same thoughts and doing the same things.
    claire, you continue to be a delight and an inspiration to me. thank you for sharing your life with us.

  13. i love your new drawings!

  14. Categories also make it easier for you to go back and find a specific post. And it is your site so you can do what you want! 😉 Adorable illustration – I’m really liking this new style. 😀