My life as a dork

On Saturday night Big-P and I went along to Special-K’s 30th birthday party for a few hours (between evening baby feeds) where we ate too much thai food, changed a car tire and then did a reasonable (not great, but reasonable) job of mingling with people who we have never met before. At one point in the evening I suggested to Big-P, Kent and Small that wouldn’t it be fun to start a book club. We could all takes turns in suggesting books and then read them and then get together and probably not discuss them in much detail. Actually I think I phrased it more like “Would you guys think I was a huge dork if I wanted to start a book club?”. Small immediately guffawed at me and told me that yes she would definitely think I was a big dork, and I couldn’t possibly start a book club and still be her friend. Kent was much more excited by the idea and immediately started recounting his theories on the latest book he is reading – (Tim Winton’s “Dirt Music”? I can’t remember now, that was one he mentioned anyway.) and I suddenly realised that having Kent in a book group would be too daunting… absolutely. Actually Big-P and Kent together in a book club would be a recipe for disaster. Historically (in various beach houses down Gippsland way) their esoteric discussions on literature have sent everyone else to bed early with dramatic eye-rolling. As someone who has had a mortifying, paralysing fit of stagefright in 1992 when attempting to give a paper in an English Literature tutorial on the Australian Writer Martin Boyd (infront of a lecturer who went on to write his biography, yikes) and had to be offered a bottle of water from a kindly fellow student so that I could get some words out of my completely dry mouth, my idea of a bookclub is not to go in for serious intellectual competition. I was hoping for a book club where the discussion went more along the lines of “oh yeah – I really liked that bit. It rocked. George Clooney could play that role if they made this into a movie”. Anyway… the idea fizzled as soon as I thought about it for more than a moment, but now I see that perhaps I wasn’t as big a dork as I thought I was! (via the wonderful 42short).

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  1. Since when is being a dork a bad thing?
    I have all sorts of off and on club things going: book club, sewing club, game night, movie night, Oz (the tv show) night, and so on. It’s just me and a few friends and we don’t make a big thing about it and it’s very irregular because we’re all so busy.

    And as with all of the most wonderful things in life, the real purpose of the whole thing is just to eat yummy things and laugh.

  2. I don’t think you’re a dork, (or maybe I’m a dork too!) I love my book club. We spend about 10% of the time talking about the book and the rest of the time eating yummy food and chatting. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  3. I resent the notion that any conversation I’m involved in could be a source of eye rolling ;).

  4. Err… sorry to both Linsey (and all other book club participants) and Phil… Linsey, as soon as I posted this I realised that I might be offending any book club members by calling myself a dork. I really think I might have to rewrite this post. I wasn’t meaning to imply that at all. And Phil… I was rolling my eyes in the nicest possible way — really!

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    Hi Claire
    You can join our book group if you like. We meet at one of the book club members’ house once a month (usually in Melb’s Eastern suburbs) and discuss the books we’ve read which have included The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter, The Life of Pi and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. The club is really just an excuse to drink red wine and eat cheese though so nothing daunting and intellectual here.

  6. Clare, once Amelia J needs less feeding at night I might just take you up on the offer!

  7. book clubs are fun. or maybe I’m a just a dork 🙂

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    You know where to find me if you’re interested Claire. There are a couple of mums in the group so meetings are baby friendly.

  9. Well, that must make me a complete dork too, because I’d love to join a Melbourne-based book club!! 😉

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    I have always been keen to start a bookclub in my hometown of Bendigo, unfortunately, I don’t feel I’d be ready to contend with the intellectual backlash that would result from me suggesting casting ideas, or comments on the typeface, in response to what I thought of a serious, grown up book. 😀 I think I will just practice on my friends until I’ve graduated Uni.

  11. Hah. I think it sounds like a good idea though.

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    What a fabulous idea! i live in sydney so can not participate if you start a melbourne based bookclub, yet would be yearning to be a part of your group. would an online bookclub be a crazy idea?

  13. Funny, I was just saying yesterday that all I wanted in life was a book club and a knitting circle to meet over tea and cookies! Sure it’s dorky, but dorky in a good way.

  14. I don’t think it is dorky. I used to quietly enjoy the Oprah’s bookclub segment on her show whenever I happened to be at home during the day on a week day…but I have to say…I was watching “Rove Live” on TV the other night and he had “Ranger Stacey” on as a guest and she explained what a dork actually was. ..Apparently it is the term for a male whale’s “appendage”. *giggle* I never knew that.
    But good luck with the book club! Maybe when Amelia is older you could host a kid’s bookclub for her and her pals. That would be so much fun!

  15. Hey book clubs are *not* dorky! Ever since the first series of Book Club (a brit ‘comedy’ – ok, quite dark series..) I wanted to join one, and lo, I now am a member of two! and yeah some of it is interesting literary analysis – most of it is just chatting about other stuff, going for dinner and having a drink (or three..) yay!

  16. more posts to this thread would be helpful, right?

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    I am looking for a booking club to join in Melbourne. I live about 10km from the city in Alphington and have a six month old. Any info will be greatly appreciated.


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    I live in Hawthorn and I too would love to join a book club (hmmm, perhaps I too have been inspired by the series). Does anyone know of details?

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    One of my new year resolutions was to join a book club – I live in Strathmore (Essendon), Melbourne. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!