Fruit flies

Apart from train wrecks, explosions and space disasters – another sad, sad, sad event over the weekend: “Fire destroys Flying Fruit Circus classrooms” (via virulent memes). As a kid I always had a secret fantasy about moving to Albury and joining the Fruit Flies in some capacity despite my huge lack of coordination. The worst bit is the loss of their history – tour posters and photos all gone.

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9 Responses

  1. A bad weekend all round I think. In fact 2003 has got off to a shocker.
    Although, the fruit flies could of been well left alone.

    I had a little dream of joing up with them as well as a kid, but I was too uncoordinated.

  2. says:

    That’s sad news. My sister and I used to play Flying Fruit Flies until what has since been called the Pool Pony incident of 1983. We now only speak of it in hushed tones.

  3. oh my goodness, i always wanted a pool pony! i used to look lovingly at them floating in the above-ground pools at our local clark pool store.
    that’s such sad news, claire. i remember the first time i ever saw the flying fruit flies on simon townsend’s wonderworld, and wishing i was better at calisthenics, at which i was very, very bad.

  4. I was too old for the Fruit Flies by the time I heard about them but compensated years and years later (in my 30s) by taking classes at Circus Oz in Sth (Port?) Melbourne. I was woried about my abilities until I turned up and saw a one legged man hanging from a trapeze and quickly discovered this was a place where they truly believed anyone could do anything!

  5. Well I live in Albury and never had aspirations to join the fruit fly circus – never sounded like any fun to me.
    In other news though, which may be of interest, they charged some kid for the fire that burnt the school.

  6. I always wanted to join up too! sheesh…how many of us fruitfly wannabes must be walking the streets of Aus???

  7. the fruit fly fantasy must be an aussie thing. In Canada we all want to be moose.

  8. says:

    My cousin was one of the first Fruit Flies, in 1979. He’s still doing acrobat stuff.
    It’s been a bit of a blow, but rebuilding plans are already afoot.

    (Oh yeah, sorry to all the loobylu readers I may have scared on my ranting spree at VM.)

  9. I had longings to be a Fruit Fly as well. I went to Wodonga High (where the Acrobat Arts Community School was located)… and I was always envious of the little Grade 3 Fruit Fly’s wandering around the school.