Mummy, my toys scare me!

I was enjoying Alice’s shopping finds from the other day when I stumbled across the Hi+Lo modern toys page. Always on the look out for interesting stuff to raise an unquestionably interesting child I was quite excited to discover a wide array of kooky vintage products. While I think Amelia J could host wild and notorious little girl tea parties with this tea set I absolutely draw the line at this nightmarish family of rubber puppets.

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9 Responses

  1. says:

    Reminds me of the “therapeutic” puppets used by the father in the very funny (and not-a-little disturbing) film “What about Bob”.
    Oh… and speaking of toys… how did the Christmas doll that wasn’t finished in time for Christmas project come out?

  2. O shriek! That baby puppet is absolutely monstrous! I’ve had blood curdling nightmares featuring more cuddly things! And why does the little mustachioed man puppet in the red look so pained? Please, you must at all costs, keep those maniacal things from all children big and small! We need the next generation to be sane and sturdy!

  3. but maybe it could be handy later on, when she’s three or four and being a brat. you can tell her to “behave, or The Rubber Puppet Of Doom will get you!”
    then again can’t imagine your little cherub ever giving you trouble 🙂

  4. I can only imagine the horrific nightmares those rubber puppets would cause.

  5. That’s what we call (in my house) $5 in the therapy jar. I may not be able to pay for the G-man to attend university, but by the time he’s an adult I’ll have a nice mental health fund socked away for everytime I emotionally scar the kid.

  6. eww, they’re freaky.

  7. They are terrifying! Why are the babies hands bigger than everyone elses? And why are they all holding their hands like that anyway? What are they about to applaud?I do like the fact that the Grandad spilt stuff down his cardy though.

  8. Those are amazing! I seriously contemplated buying those for about 5 minutes. Part of the reason why despite the insane amount of toys, our home is not suitable for young, impressionable children — too many scary toys.

  9. Those puppets are almost creepier than clowns.