Hot lunch

The heat is setting in. This morning it was quite bearable, and even quite pleasant while hanging little itty-bitty socks and singlets on the clothes line, the garden smelt sweet and the breeze was slightly sea-ish reminding me of the slick of zinc cream and coconut oil. I opened all the doors and windows to let the air in and Amelia kicked her chubby legs on the lounge room floor while staring out at the blue sky and waving plant tops. But now it’s getting hot hot hot. I hate this heat and it’s at times like this when I am oh so tempted to leave this otherwise comfortable lifestyle and take up the opportunity to live in Big-P’s home country and find a wild and freezing coastline – like out of The Shipping News. But the gals are coming over today… pea and bron and kylie. We are going to drink some of that punch I told you about and I am cooking a risotto (was that a stupid idea? I will have to stand over a hot saucepan to stir the stock into the rice) and have made little christmas chocolate balls out of biscuits and condensed milk and coconut like we used to make in kindergarten. I am looking forward to today despite the climbing temperature.

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  1. says:

    I wish I knew the difference in the time zomes from here (US) to there.
    How different it must be to celebrate winter with a heat wave. Even if we don’t have any snow, the cold just feels right. But then again, it’s all I know…

  2. says:

    We are in the midst of a horrible blizzard today across central and eastern Canada. The temperatures aren’t frigid, but there is certainly enough snow to satisfy those who yearn for a white Christmas! When it starts to dip into the -40*C here in Canada you might be just as happy to stay where you are! Or, vacation in Canada and have the best of both worlds. Keep cool and have a happy holiday 🙂

  3. I’ll trade with you anytime. Not much snow here in Toronto but it is damn cold.

  4. Recipe for chocolate balls please! I am in charge of nibblies for christmas day and they sound good!

  5. Freezing rain expected in Ottawa today. Let’s trade weather patterns for a bit, mmkay?

  6. says:

    For easy risotto you need a rice cooker. Just cook the rice, onion etc first, then throw in the liquid, put on the lid and press the COOK button. So easy.

  7. Good tip Judy :). I have a rice cooker.. I’ll remember that one.
    I hope you had a lovely day Loobylu! It sounds like you would have. I know what you mean about the heat.. here on the central coast it’s getting a little too toasty for comfort. Amelia looks adorable in that photo :). Happy Christmas.

  8. sure, heat is no fun but you are not aware of the strange nipple pain you get when you’re cold and things start to shrivel…

    Sometimes I wish that either I had a baby in the summer or I lived down-under with you!