Two quick sketches of 3am fantasies

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24 Responses

  1. Aww, poor sleep-deprived Mum.

  2. psssst… i can arrange these things! i have contacts.
    those are absolutely delightful drawings, claire! i’m wondering, did you come up with the concepts at 3 am. heehee! too cute.

  3. Cute! Can somebody send me two of each?

  4. says:

    I want the Barbie doll who walks over to the shelf and puts herself away.
    And I like that font you used, very much. What is it?

  5. Oh, I adore the new layout! It’s simple yet classic. Gorgeous!

  6. says:

    how cute! I luv your wishes 🙂 I hope they come true…sorta…

  7. Yes, but remember: monkeys have a tendency to carry babies upside down into trees and robots go mad unexpectedly. ;O)
    (These are two marvelous sketches!)

  8. says:

    wouldn’t it be nice

  9. *giggles madly*
    Oh, if only… 😉

  10. I’m sure that could be arranged.


  11. O yes! A helper monkey and Rosie from the Jetsons… I think I need those too! I’m not sure, but I think pink-hued helper monkeys are on the endangered species list. But the blue ones are everywhere! (Except when you need them at 3 a.m. of course!) Rock on, looby lu!

  12. The robot reminds me of “Rosie” from the old cartoon “The Jetsons”. Put a New Yawk accent on her, and the picture is complete!

  13. lordy lordy this is some great stuff. But remember, if you allow robots and/or monkeys to start taking over daily chores, you are only helping them gain a foothold in our society and making the way for the ultimate battle of robots vs. monkeys (which actually may be fun to watch).

  14. says:

    Hang in there! Meanwhile, I wouldn’t mind the monkey… hang on, make it the robot!

  15. and I want to be able to wiggle my nose and magically lift my sleeping baby into his bed without waking him up.

  16. says:

    Well, at least you haven’t started hallucinating yet. Remind me to tell you the one where I woke up and thought the cat on the bed was the baby and screamed and grabbed it, then it (the cat) chased me into the bathroom and bit me on the leg.

  17. Can I borrow the robot to clear up after my messy boyfriend?

  18. does the robot walk dogs too?

  19. says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with this but look at the comments, look at the posts, this is such a *chick* blog.. chuckles..

  20. says:

    Hey! Some of us dad’s have had those 3am wishes too!

  21. The robot is perfect.

  22. says:

    oh my goodness, this layout is awesome. i’ve missed your illustrations and the little peeks into the life of an aussie all the way on the other side of the world.
    Big P doesn’t look too sure in that illo, though. i can’t quite seem to decide what he could be making that expression for so before i ridiculously guess and embaress myself, could you tell me in your next post? 😉

  23. OK…I am not ashamed to admit…it took me awhile to figure out the summer 2002 thing. Oh yes. Down UNDER. Right-o. Looks adorable Miss Claire!

  24. says:

    From another Melbourne girl. Know what you mean about Chadstone. I think I’ll take a deep breath, do one big shop, then avoid it like the plague till February!Love your site. I’m a freelance writer and have a baby due in Feb. It’s great to gain a peek into how other women might be trying to combine the work/creative/baby thing.