Little Treats

dopey, sleepy, grumpy and bashful
The many and varied expressions of Amelia J

After Big-P got home from work Friday night we ventured out into the wide wild world and met up with the sushi gang to treat ourselves to a little of Hawthorn’s finest japanese food. This was our first grand excursion (besides visits to my parent’s house and a quick trundle around Chadstone Shopping Centre) since the arrival of Amelia J. and it was so good to get out and do something normal. And it was the first plate of sushi I have had in nigh on 10 months so that was an extra special treat! Mmm salmon, mmm tuna… mmm unidentifiable white fish…

Amelia is one month today! One month!? How time flies but then again how it seems to be one long day that stretches out before and behind me broken up by a little sleep in between four hourly feeds. I am catching up on some great night time television. I usually hope that she wakes for a 2.30 feed because then I might be lucky enough to see an old episode of the Avengers with Diana Rigg being all pouty, british and 60s. Otherwise I have to watch some scary religious programming on channel 10 or some old, crusty war movie on the ABC.

Breastfeeding has been a trial, a tribulation, a trauma even. I have almost finally got the hang of it and beaten off any scary infections with the help of my GP, a mothercraft nurse and a lactation consultant. If you ever have troubles breastfeeding I HIGHLY recommend seeing a lactation consultant. They know stuff. Yesterday morning I fed little Ames sitting up in bed which is a break-through for me as until now I have required a straight backed chair of perfect height, a pillow across my knee and several cloth nappies strewn around the place in case of spills. To be able to remain in bed for the 6am feed is a real treat. Almost as treaty as a plate of sushi. Unfortunately I tried it again at 3am this morning and she covered everything in vomit. Not so much fun at all.

Being a mum is hard. For the last week I have been cheerful – but for the three weeks before that I have not. It’s nice to see a bit of a turn around.

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34 Responses

  1. Can we ALL be her godparents?

  2. says:

    Its practice makes perfect and it does get better – dont forget its all *new* to her too 🙂
    If she were writing her blog about nursing it would probably bring you a giggle. Sometimes it helps to think of it from their pov. New new new all the way around.
    There is no greater joy than bonding with your baby during these sweet – all consuming months.
    Its like a new romance with all its excitment and hormones and mystery…only this one will last a lifetime 🙂
    Cute illustrations! Your inspired!

  3. says:

    i am so glad you are telling such honest stories here. there’s so much pressure to want to be so perfect about everything as a mom, and it makes many of us fear that we could never do it. but reading your words and realizing that there are ups and downs and that that’s ok and normal — well, it’s just such a comfort.
    SUCH a cute baby, too. love the photos and the drawings.

  4. says:

    O what a treat to be the first to comment on this installment of the adventures of Adorable Amelia J. and her ever so Patient Mum! The illustrations, as ever, are a delight! I love her wee sticky-outie ears and of course the ever remarkable disco ‘do!
    Although I know it’s hard, hard work being a mommy and the breast feeding trauma sends shudders up my spine, I envy you so! I’m glad to here things have perked up in the last week. No doubt the result of sushi and a levelling of the hormones.

    Continued cheerfullness as you enter the next month! Wishing you all the very best and lots of sushi-caliber treats! xo

  5. The thought of being a mum seems so big and scary that sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have the courage to be one. You and every other mum I know are pretty damn brave!
    I’m glad you got to enjoy some sushi after so long without 🙂

  6. Glad to hear things are starting to look a little brighter. I can imagine how hard it must be with all these changes, not just to your life and routines but happening to your body too. Hang in there! 🙂

  7. Good to hear you are feeling brighter. Those little buggers can really knock you around (both the hormones and the babies), not to mention the broken sleep. It all passes though.

  8. congratulations, Amelia is a real cutie! breast feeding takes real time and patience but it does gets easier, I can now make dinner and answer the phone with the baby still latched on! wait until that first tooth comes through though – the pain is a whole new experience…

  9. says:

    I admire you for sharing your thoughts on being a new mom. I’ve been told it takes incredible courage and it sounds like you have that, and more. Stay brave and be honest, and it’ll all be good.

  10. i don’t know anything about babies, but i do know about fish, and what i do know about fish is they have omega-3, which is the most kickarse natural antidepressant. yep. so get lots into ya 🙂

  11. Hi Claire. Dunno if you remember me. I’ve been visiting Loobylu for years now!! As a fellow aussie web chick and regular blogger, it’s been really wonderful to follow your days through life, your pregnancy and now motherhood!
    Now I’m 4 months pregnant, inspired by you to start a baby blog too, and getting myself ready to tell the world!

    Take care and I hope you keep in touch 🙂

  12. one month – boy, time does fly! Good to hear from you again and that you’re doing better now than you have been… x

  13. Mmmm, sushi indeed.
    I’m glad that things are getting a little better for you and your bub. The notion of motherhood is still very daunting to me, but your insights are always refreshing to read!

  14. i’m SO glad to hear things are getting a little easier. mastitis and the other joys of breastfeeding are never fun, i admire you for sticking with it m’dear.
    how’s that disco hair? i hope it hasn’t fallen out!

  15. says:

    i’m also glad to hear things are getting better. it felt so good to see another entry and another illustration. you’re doing great claire and i wish you encouragement and things to only get better from here on out. 🙂 amelia is a blessing 🙂

  16. congratulations! i haven’t been here in a couple of months and thought i’d stop by to see the baby. wee amelia is adorable!
    i almost, almost want one for my very own :D. (says the scaredy-cat who is afraid of delivery!).

    she is a beauty!

  17. Yes… I remember the overwhelming feelings of never knowing exactly what to do and when… and which diaper was ok and when to feed… and what about ME??? will I ever get to feeling like a human again… and why do I not feel right about it all? and should I feel like this when she cries at 2 am hungry and I am about to die so tired again and again… and will it ever be ok? Will I ever feel like me again?????YES. AND OH SO MUCH BETTER. The first 6 weeks are the hardest, Claire… you are just over the hump- hang in there, Girl… and know that every single woman who has ever given birth has these feelings, have been this bone tired… has wondered when things will ever get normal again. YOU ARE ABOUT TO not only see the light at the end of the tunnel- but guess what, sweet lady? Its not a simple light- its a lovely rainbow!

  18. yay! good to hear that you’re doing much better…t’would be fun to pay a visit sometime soon.

  19. ohhh, i can only imagine what a culture shock it must be to have a little bambini. so many things to get used to. i’m glad the nurse helped, claire. as with anything, it always pays to ask for help, and to talk to other mums.
    i am impressed with amelia’s expressions!

  20. hang in there, mum! 🙂 soon both you and amelia will have the hang of it with no problem, and she’ll look to you they way you look to a plate of sushi!

  21. says:

    Hang in there! It only gets better! Trust me! I was in the same place you are in last year. Each day will be even more amazing then the next. I am happy to hear that you are breastfeeding. It is hard work, but it is defintely worth it! Plus it is so much easier then dealing with all of the bottles and such!

  22. It’s good to see that the feedings are getting a bit easier. Some of my friends who have kids were never able to do it and they were really dissapointed. As ever, your illustrations are just wonderful. Your blog is just the prettiest ever!

  23. I’ve been reading Loobylu and silently lurking for ages now, and and have now come to look forward to updates on Amelia and your progress as a mum…thank you for providing this insight into motherhood from a perspective I can relate to. Best wishes to your new family! 🙂

  24. says:

    There’s only one way to describe the first month of your first baby: shell shock! You’re also joining a new church: our lady of perpetual fatigue! Don’t worry, in about 20 years or so you’ll finally get some uninterrupted sleep! from Kitty, mother of a teenager…need I say more?

  25. Super glad to hear you’re getting better with the breast feeding! It’s the best thing for you and the wee one.
    The spitting up and puking can be minimized by the whole burping process. My last little boy wouldn’t burp, but even rubbing his back gently after he ate, just rubbing in circles while he was over my shoulder, that would ease out a wee burp and keep the spit up from being spit up, as it were.

    Keep on keeping on!

  26. In Chinese culture, a baby’s first month is celebrated with a party and giving out hardboiled eggs dyed red.

  27. i used to read your site a long long time ago (though i never left any comments, i’m shy). look! you’re a mother. and so am i. my daughter is a little more than two months old. i’m staying at home taking care of her. breast feeding has been a blessing. i don’t have to wake up at night to warm up a bottle nor do i have to wash any bottles. lately i have been giving her a little formula so that i can have a little’s great to see another artist-mommy out there.
    congratulations and good luck.

  28. says:

    It may seem like a distant dream-goal, but after a while you and Amelia may be able to feed in bed, LYING DOWN! It’s such a treat and makes 3am feeds seem more like a blip on the sleep radar, you can drowse while she guzzles. Something to aim for!

  29. Those pics are so cute, as always.
    Glad to hear you’re getting there.

  30. says:

    I’m glad you’re getting the hang of feeding Amelia! She’s such the cute one.

  31. I love the way you take the rose-tinted aspect out of parenting! It sounds hard and tireing, but rewarding in the end! I hope you have many more lie in’s!

  32. It sure is hard work, on the body and brain! There’s so much to adjust to and I admire you for telling it as it is and not glossing over it, pretending everything is just peachy.
    Take it easy and remember to take a heap of pictures! I wish I’d taken more of them without mittens, bib, blanket or dummy.

  33. says:

    hey claire, sorry this note is not abt sweetie amelia.. =P thing is, i’ll be coming to melbourne next week from singapore.. and i was wondering if there’s any place you would recommend tt i must visit? =P thank.. i’ll be checking this noticeboard if you could reply! yep.. cos i would love to visit places u like too!