Today at noon I went over to have my ultrasound scan to see what the little baby and the placenta are up to. Hangin’ out and sucking on it’s hand is what the baby is doing (and apparently it has masses of hair!)… and still getting in the way is what the placenta is doing. I have called and spoken to my doctor who has suggested that we come in on Monday to discuss the possibility of a caesarian. So! This may just well be our last weekend of coupledom before we embark on familydom. A weekend of treats is in store I think… treats? Where do we start? Movies? Dinners? Breakfasts? Shopping? Non-stop Sims Marathon? Or do we just take advantage of the peace and sleep?
More felt stuff… little palm size felt animals:

kitten little

bear boy

funny bunny

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  1. claire! i’m thinking about you in this week before Big Decisions are made! take a comfy pillow to the hospital, and my mother says to always wear something white when in labor. some brasilian thing, i think.anyway, lots of cheery thoughts for you, big-P and baby-x!
    p.s. the felties are simply the most adorable. R. is right they look like early matt groening.

  2. keeping my fingers crossed for you and big-p. wishing you lots of luck today.

  3. I have an 11 week old son (by c-section) and my suggestion is that you sleep as much as you can over the weekend. Good luck!

  4. What cute stuffed animals! You’re very inspiring, I want to run and make my own.Anyway, your description of your life-change from coupledom to familydom makes me smile. Wishing you the bestest of luck!

  5. says:

    Well, sure enough, I made the ginger cake late last night- it put a lovely scent into the night air- and when I tried it after I got home from work today, it was just heavenly!Just what i wanted it to taste like- thanks Claire!

  6. The Feltys are soo cute! If they don’t have character now, they will after baby gums them up!
    Have the bestest weekend, whatever you decide to do!

    I think I rather like knowing that the baby has a mess of hair!

  7. OHH can you make me some :]they are sooo cute

  8. Nice! Are they a contrasting colour on the back?

  9. says:

    I want the little yellow kitty one….these are gorgeous.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    I looking forward to the announcement next week.

  10. says:

    those are beautiful! you have inspired me to try & make some for my 2-month old daughter. thanks!

  11. Those are absolutely adorable! Hehe, whatever you do, I hope you enjoy your last week before familydom. 🙂

  12. ooooo claire!Your little feltables are too darling! Just to let you know, I’m sending all my most powerful and sunshiney vibes Down Under to you, Baby X, and Big-P! Be happy, be well!

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    Those little felt critters are adorable :). You really are too talented. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. says:

    I am jealous – your stuffed pets are so cute! Remembering those weeks before the first baby makes me all smushy inside… savour it all…

  15. Have a wonderful Pre-Family Weekend! You must be terribly excited. (We still have 30 weeks to go before our little one zaps our couple status away…)
    The best of luck to you and new baby!!!

  16. Well, at least there’s only one of ’em, right?
    Really nice work. The red bunny reminds me of a cute comic character from Matt Groenings early comics.

    Didn’t know Sim City 4 was coming. Maybe I’d better start playing SC3 soon, it already went on sale at local discount supermarket chains and my copy’s still wating on the shelf unwrapped..

    Best wishes and merry christmas,

  17. Blessings to your little baby and your soon to be little three person family. You know three is a magic number! :)Our little sweetie is nearly 4 months old and is just such a joy to us.
    I really like the toys you made. How do you put them together – sewing them closed without exposed stitching?

  18. Best wishes to you and your family!
    Your wee felt friends are very sweet.

  19. says:

    OMG those little felty-animals are sooooooo cute!
    Enjoy the weekend!! Milk it for all it’s worth!


  20. says:

    i give up…. i’ve been reading your blog for years, loved your drawings, was excited for your pregnancy and what stirs me to comment on your site? these stinkin’ cute stuffed animals! buena suerte with your Libran birth. i’m a double Libra myself – welcome Baby X to the club!

  21. oh my gosh they look like pokemon!

  22. The fact that 20 or more people have commented on this one blog alone just goes to show how much we like you and your site!We are all behind you on this birth and wish you the best of luck.
    I am genuinely so excited for you and your future with your new family. Good luck 🙂

  23. loving the felt animals!
    i’ve been reading here for a while now but still haven’t commented. its getting close now and i just want to say good luck with the birth and that i’m sure things will go along smoothly. enjoy yr weekend 🙂

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    you *made* those?? too stinking cute!

  25. Ok, so I’m going to give this felt stuff a whirl.. This weekend is crafty weekend with the girls, so I might have to suggest this.

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    Wanted to say best of luck to you and yours, your baby’s going to be fantastically happy with all your creations and all this love you and Big-P have put into everything!

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    Gorgeous felty animals! Just bursting waiting for you to have your wain. good luck for the next week.

  28. aww, those things are too cute, you’re so talented!

  29. Dear Lord, those are quite possibly the cutest little things I have seen *all* day.
    I just thought you should know that.

  30. How exciting! (The imminent birth and the adorable felties.)
    Maybe you can do a little of everything this weekend – everyone keeps telling us to sleep while we can, but I feel this pressure to createcreatecreate since I’m not sure how much time we’ll get later! Just enjoy yourself and relax.

    I’ll be sending happy, peaceful birth prayers your way.

  31. My fingers are crossed! So exciting! Now, if only that darn magazine would come in the mail so I can ship you out your BabyGAP! Hehehehe.

  32. Good Luck Claire. I hope you are getting a lot of sleep – apparently that is the one thing we’ll miss after all of this.

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    Dear Claire, I just stumbled on your lovely site- best of wishes and an easy birth to you. I am an old mom and know that in the next few weeks you will be on another planet- just never let anyone tell you what to do with little one… best wishes- Jackie

  34. I made that ginger cake the other day, with the addition of a cup of walnuts and it was so amazing I squealed!
    I hope the next week is as amazing as you deserve, good luck!

  35. Cute. My sister has just had a baby boy. I hope everything goes okay.:)

  36. A family friend is expecting a child in the next month or so, and I think these would be a very cute gift to give her! You filled them with cotton batting o fibre fill?

  37. Those stuffed animals are darling. I want to go make something cute and creative now. All the best to you and yours! 😀

  38. says:

    oooh! that bambini, with all that hair, is in for a treat when she/he is on the outside world and meets his/her delightful mama and those precious felt toys!

  39. Those are so adorable – you are very very talented! Best wishes with the new baby!

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    Take care of you, Claire. I’m sending oodles of warm thoughts & well wishes to you and your little family to be. :o)

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    Hi Claire,
    Just wanted to add my best wishes to you and big-p for your imminent arrival!


  42. These are adorable, and good luck with the baby!! I hope you had a great weekend!

  43. These are adorable, and good luck with the baby!! I hope you had a great weekend!

  44. Sorry for the double comments, my net went dead while i was posting. Double good luck, anyway. 🙂

  45. wow…you like The Sims!? I do too! Well, I want to see the hair. And I want some felt things. 🙁

  46. says:

    Hi Claire! I hope everything goes well the baby! Yay another Libra on the planet. What cute stuffed animals. 🙂

  47. Aw, they are so adorable.
    I wish you a safe delivery 😉

  48. Best wishes from New Jersey!!!
    i hate to be the 82nd fan of yours to say how super amazing these felt-babies are… but I just have to!!! I love them!!!! How did you sew the faces on? By hand? machine?

    I wish you the best of luck, and tons of joy on your new baby. what a wonderful time…

    I’m a huge fan- i love your site, your journal, and especially – your art.