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Friday 26 July 2002

Until the first week of this month, we used to live right next door to a supermarket, which was expensive and a tad over eager in its 'gourmet' approach to retail but extremely convenient none-the-less. At 7pm on any given night we could flip through jamie or delia, nigella or stephanie and then dash next door to get the ingredients for a ragout, a rogan josh or a risotto. Forget to buy tamarind sauce? No problem - someone watches the stove while someone else runs downstairs and around the corner to find not one, but three brands of tamarind sauce.

Oh, how I pine for those days! Now, unless I want to haul my belly up hill to the tiny independent supermarket in the local shops where they don't even stock my favourite brand of milk, we have to plan our week's eating ahead and do one or two big shopping excursions at convenient times such as 9pm Wednesday nights or first thing Saturday mornings. So Friday night is here and I have decided that (taking Suzanne's idea) I will use what we have left in the fridge and the cupboard to make dinner. Prerequisites include the fact that it must be healthy, and something we haven't already eaten twice this week (pasta and dahl are therefore not on the menu). So the ingredients can include:

- 3 potatoes
- 4 eggs
- alfalfa sprouts
- 2 small cans of tuna
- cheese slices
- frozen waffles
- a small bag of old shriveled mushrooms

hmmm. Pizza anyone?


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