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6 very small things I have done lately
Thursday 25 July 2002

In true wintery style nothing much has been going on. I can sum it all up pretty easily:

1) I bought a beautiful jug for $8 at the flea market early Sunday morning, while Miz C found knitting needles and a lovely pink sweater. It was 5°c and we had to stop browsing often to drink hot chocolate and eat fruit toast.

little green jug....

2) I worked 10 hours straight on Tuesday only stopping for drinks and food.

3) I saw my Doctor yesterday and he told me that all is well. The baby is as big as it should be, my blood is good (though he did pause for a moment and pull a little face while looking at the results before going on) and my sugar is fine.

4) I chatted to Special-K on instant messenger while she sat in a coffee shop somewhere in Prague. I miss her and she's only been away a couple of weeks!

5) I met the man who does the garden. He told me he knows nothing about gardening and then spent 15 minutes pulling up weeds, used the leaf blower to clear the back lawn of dead camellia flowers and then left.

6) I cooked a disastrous roast chicken on Saturday night - afraid that it might poison us, we ended up tossing it in the garbage and ordering pizza... I guess I should have tested out the creakingly old oven before I got down to it.

mmm - such good pizza though!


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