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I am turning into such a mum
Friday 19 July 2002

This morning Big-P urged me to get out of bed and come at look at the sunrise out of our kitchen windows. The kitchen glowed pink and the sky took my breath away.

ahhhh! ooooh! so pretty!

Fine and windy was the forecast for today - and do you know what my first reaction was to such news? "What a great washing day!" -- I actually felt myself get a little bit excited by the prospect of stripping beds and doing loads and loads of washing and then hanging them out in the fresh and spritely wind. Two and a half months away from actually being a mum, and I am already having mum-like reactions to my environment.

So I did a load just now and then took it out into the back yard and began to peg things to the line. What a struggle that turned out to be. The wind is incredibly strong in our yard - blowing up from the valley and across the neighbour's roof top. As I pegged, I got more and more frustrated - and more and more tangled in the sheets. I was playing tug-of-war with the towels and had to master the art of hanging on to the clothes for dear life as I madly pegged them with the regrettably cheaper pegs we bought last week. As soon as I would let one piece of heavily pegged (three pegs per pillow slip!) clothing go, it would take off with the wind and spin the clothes hoist around and around... I felt like I was aboard some tiny vessel struggling on high seas with big wet sails flapping madly and threatening to break free. Breaking free was what I feared the most - I can think of nothing more embarrassing than having to go around to my new neighbour's house to retrieve three loads of washing out of their rose bushes including my old and frayed underwear.

i wonder where we will end up?

Later -- feeling that it can't actually be possible to have too much wind for drying clothes, I have braved the elements again and hung up a load of small, less wind catching things; socks, undies, tea towels and so on. I keep pacing into the lounge room to peer out the window and make sure that they are all still there.


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