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Friday 5 July 2002

The lounge room is totally full of towers of packing boxes, and there is still so much to pack. How did we manage to squeeze such incredible amounts of junk into what feels like such a tiny flat? Maybe that's why it has felt like such a tiny flat... what a revelation to have had two days before we move! There is so much still to be done; Utilities to connect and disconnect, mail to redirect, trips to the bank, washing, more packing, many, many emails to answer, work to finish, a thousand organisations that need to know our new address and a driving lesson.

Driving. Gulp. My test is booked for Thursday the 18th of July. That is less than two weeks away! Am I ready? I don't think so but my instructor seems sure so I will just have to trust him and get into a routine of heavy meditation and deep breathing to see me through the next less-than-two weeks. I realised the other day that he has never let me do a parallel park on my own - for the last 6 months he has given me detailed instructions as we go through the maneuver, which way to turn the wheel, when the angle is correct, when to stop etc. So last week I asked him to please not say anything while I tried to do one on my own and then I panicked and messed the whole thing up and he had to talk me through the last part. This I will need to practice.

With all this going on, and the baby getting to be quite the little wriggler, I am having really bad sleeps.

ah yes! hello... no I haven't forgotten you

Ack... I have just discovered that my email isn't working. If I owe you an email or even worse, some work - I am sorry! I have to pack up my computer this weekend and then organise a new connection to the internet for next week so hopefully I will not be offline for too long.



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