entry one - 3 December 1999

in which i start my diary.

finally a cool change and much relief after five days of scorching heat. the office is beginning to cool down as the southerly blows down the alley and in through all the open windows. after a week of no sleep and no air conditioning i'm totally exhausted and the idea of work is most unappealing. fortunately there's nothing too pressing that needs doing before the weekend.

Lil'Bro decided not to come in to work today having worked 10+ hours on his database project yesterday and into the night. fair enough, i supose, but Big-P and i are still wondering if this project is worth the time and effort as there is some doubt as to who, if anyone, will end up paying for it.

Big-P and i wandered down the street to our fave japanese cafe for lunch, which is always such a good deal. 8.50 for miso soup, rice, a small dish of pickle (usually beautifully marinated pumpkin, or eggplant or some such thing), and a choice of main course - i usually go with the sushi plate. am i right about the good deal?!

the weekend doesn't seem to be too busy which is a bit of a relief. tonight special-K, Small and I are going to lash out and see a moof - probably three to tango, all being in the mood to see a pile of shit. plus you can't get enought of Dylan what's-his-face from the practice. such nice arms... matthew perry looks remarkably fat in any of the previews i've seen. since when has neve campbell been going out with john cusak? is there absolutely no justice? ha ha.

tomorrow we're christmas shopping in the morning - probably out at chadstone which has expanded in time for the christmas rush. Big-P needs to find something light and postable to send back to his parents in canada, and dad's birthday is sunday. what do you get for a man who doesn't have time to read, play golf, fish, watch videos... i'm thinking the new lonely planet restaurant guide. or a shirt.

i can't believe how many ants we have crawling around the office. the fact that lil'Bro's desk is a mess of crumbs and coke cans can't be helping.


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