Tiny dolls


I have been working all-consumingly hard on a picture book these last few months but my local illustrator-artist’s group had pegged December for an art exchange and there was no getting out of it. I took a few days out of last week to mould, stitch and paint these little polymer clay/fabric ladies. There were late nights where I tested the limits of my eye-sight and there were moments of panic but it gave me more joy than I have felt in ages.




And of course, I had to make myself one… she’s the risqué one of the crowd.

And the gifts I got in exchange? A beautiful oil painting, a ceramic mug, a digital illustration made just for me and a floating universe.

More of this sort of stuff in 2015 I think.

9 Responses to “Tiny dolls”

  1. Dawn

    These are quite wonderful! Please do play at dolls more in the coming year.

  2. Abigail

    These are so lovely! Their outfits, accessories and expressions are all wonderfully perfect.

  3. Jas

    Wow. These dolls are quite stunning; you should definitely make more. They remind me of the models used for all of the Laika projects. So, so awesome!

  4. Gina

    These are gorgeous. Sometimes switching creative gears like that creates the best work. Love the risque doll too!

  5. Kirst

    The winds blew me into blogland and yours was the first I checked. Lovely to see you here and your glorious dolls. Clever, wonderful Claire – I miss you. xxx

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