Chet Faker & Vikings make it all ok

Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap from Toby & Pete on Vimeo.

I’m holed up after surgery and going a bit koo-koo. There is nothing more frustrating then doing nothing when there are so many things to do and the sun is shining and it’s spring break and there are drawings that need drawing. Welcome to my pity party. But – there are good things – ¬†I have some nice new stereo speakers and this song sounds so good booming through the bedroom. Also, my family are awesome. And my friends… they are the best. Oh, and Vikings. Thank you Vikings and handsome Ragnar Lodbrok for making any incision seem completely minor compared to an axe wound to the thigh and an arrow through the shoulder, cauterised¬†with a red-hot knife.

Ok, bored now. Getting up.