Studio update



Look – it’s a February update. What a turn up for the books. It’s bloody freezing outside and there’s a snowstorm headed our way but inside my new studio it’s warm and cozy.


I am working on the 4th (and final – sniff!) Truly Tan book for Harper Collins, as well as doing some of my own stuff… little dolls, ceramic experiments and a whole bunch of plot outlining for books which may see the light of day in 2014.

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  1. Andrea

    Hey, I like the new blog design. I think this is about the third or fourth iteration of your blog I have seen since I first started following 12 years ago. You must be one of the stayers of the blog world!!

  2. Victoria

    So pleased to check in after an absence and you’ve been chatting! Mind you I’ve gone quiet. Ella will be super excited to know there’s a 4th book. She’s super into illustrations, rarely without a pen in her hand and I think you would see her homage to your style in some of her work.

    Love, love your ceramics and if you get them stocked at craft Victoria (remember yr roots!) I will buy a set!


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