Doodling is a gateway to illustration…

I love this ad campaign for the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Via My Modern Met.

4 Responses to “Doodling is a gateway to illustration…”

  1. Kirst

    Claire – I rushed myself down to Readings this am & smashed "a kiss before you go". Thank you. x

  2. Zoe Alexander

    Clever change of strategy – just goes to show that despite the speed at which life moves and the invention of new technologies at lightspeed, sometimes the older, more traditional media can still play a role! Posters! Who’d have thought?

  3. Limner

    This is totally funny. It’s so funny I’m trying not to cry. Where were you when my mother refused to help me go to college because I wanted to be an artist. She said, "There’s no such thing as an artist. Be a secretary like your sister." Family helped my older sister through an Associate’s degree; helped her get a car." Me? Nada. Guess who was smarter. Guess who made it to art school on her own when she was 29. Guess who wants to send this to her mama and sister. Guess who is happy they’re an artist. 🙂 Did it on her own, too.

    I wanted to be an illustrator since my first story book. I illustrate! I doodle! I draw! I paint. Gee, this post makes me feel so much better. 🙂 It’s way past time for artists to be encouraged. Where would the world be now without art?

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