Drawing 32 out of 365

This has been a tough parenting week. We all have them. I spend my whole time trying to get my creative, imaginative, anxious kids to relax… yet I can’t seem to do that exact thing when it comes to dressing them for the weather. At least they’re warm! 

3 Responses to “Drawing 32 out of 365”

  1. Ang

    Oh my I can relate here in CO. My kids always look more bundled than the other kids. (It must be the island blood in me that warrants a scarf around my neck all year round.) The other day another mother looked at my 2.5 year old, who looked much like your image on the right there and she said in a sarcastic tone, "Look at that little girl. She looks… toasty." Grrr. At least she’s warm na-na-na-na, I thought. <sigh> I can’t wait until Spring!

  2. sashwee

    Very funny! We just moved to Bellingham WA from Haifa, Israel and it’s exactly the same thing. I see people running around in shorts when we’re all bundled up.

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