Drawing 28 of 365

Sketching like crazy… can’t quite get it. Some days I feel like the sketches are better than the finished pieces. I like this one. There is a lightness to it that my other, more finished work, never seems to keep. This is Amelia and her imaginary friend Arkala.

2 Responses to “Drawing 28 of 365”

  1. aidan

    Love the loose quality… don’t fight it when it is finished, and unfinished, at once. I say that as I sit here overpainting I sketch I like(d).

  2. victoria

    Hi Clare – I love your drawings and agree these have an extra lightness and sweetness to them that seems apt when it includes Amelia.Have to tell you that Ella has used her own money today to buy Truly Tan in this month’s book club selections! She was chuffed to know that I "knew" you and that she’d even met you once many years ago when Leila was but a babe!

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