Drawing 7 of 365

The girls went back to school today after a couple of weeks of holidays. And what do I do? Sit down and draw them. Sad really.

Here’s the early sketch version for the sake of keeping this all about the process:

And  here’s an early version – I actually like this better than the final:

Can you spot the difference? Just a tiny thing that makes a world of difference.

It’s probably a little truer to the relationship between the girls but to make a nice illustration that both girls will feel good about I changed it a little. If I had decided to make this nothing to do with my two actual daughters and called it “The McSquinty Sisters” or something, then this is definitely how I would have left it.

Now I’m going to go and wander about the quiet, quiet house wailing and wringing my hands until it’s time to pick them up from school. (ha).