High Rotation Monday #3 – the miniature edition

Back again with bits and pieces we have been seeing, thinking, feeling and doing around here. This week it’s all about the mini.

Visiting:Miniature World in downtown Victoria (British Columbia). If you are (or ever were) even remotely interested in the world of miniatures – or the world of bizarre obsessions – or have children who will appreciate historic scenes or elaborate dollhouses carefully contructed from balsa wood, model paint, polymer clay, and gallons of glue you must visit MiniatureWorld. And make sure you stop at the foyer to pick up some of the postcards straight out of the 1970s.

Inspiring:Jess Quinn (above) whose work is DELICIOUS and makes me want to make things again. (Jess’s image reposted with her permission). That beautiful fox doll is for sale here.

Christmas shopping: Lille Huset little wooden houses from Grow Studio are sweet sweet sweet.

Listening: Freelance Whales new album. There’s nothing miniature about this album – lots of big, layered sound… and I love it.

There will be more miniature craziness this week I am sure – stay tuned for fairy door mayhem.