High Rotation Monday #2

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More good things from chez Loobylu this week:

Pinning: Prudence Pins! (above) One of my favourite crafty mums, Kelly, from Prudence Pouts, has a delicious Pinterest collection. Follow all of her boards and inject colour and whimsy into your pinterest stream. You can find my pins here.

Cards from the game Dixit

Playing: The board game Dixit – It’s a little like Apples to Apples — kinda, sorta — but using art cards with no words (above). We have had multiple games in front of the fire this week and while it takes a little time to get your head around, it’s a lot of fun and gets kids thinking creatively. Here’s an episode of Tabletop where Wil Wheaton et al play Dixit. You can watch the first five minutes to get a really good understanding of the game. It seems complicated but I am increidbly impressed with how quickly kids seem grasp the concept. It’s a obviously a very natural way for them to think.

Also – online this week I have been playing Letterpress and I have to tell you I am quite addicted. I am sure it’s good for keeping dementia at bay so it’s totally good for you.

Watching: The Five Year Engagement – A good RomCom! it doesn’t hurt that it features Jason Segel, Emily Blunt (who can be in anything and I would love it), Rhys Ifans and one of my all time favourite songs Sweet Thing by Van Morrison. It runs a little long, and could have lost a chunk in the middle somewhere but it’s great to watch with a whisky, a box of minty girl guide cookies and a pair of fluffy slippers.

Speaking of Jason Segel- we have started watching Freaks and Geeks again on Netflix. If you haven’t seen this – you really should as it’s also totally delightful.


Halloweeny: Bizarre Vintage Halloween Costumes (via my friend Dom Pettman) for inspiration… though my kids are going as a black cat and Laura from Little House in the Big Woods… nothing too bizarre about that.

Listening: Book on Tape Worm – Shadow Puppets. I think I have played this about forty times in the last week – from Adam’s songsfortheday (who also gave me this idea to do a Monday links round-up – thanks Adam).

Book on Tape Worm – Shadow Puppets from Jason Moffat on Vimeo.