Knitting season


I can tell because:
a) it’s cooler
b) I just bought some coloured corduroy jeans that remind me of pumpkins
and c) I have that weird seasonal visceral craving to break out the sticks and start knitting.

Knit wips are calling to me as they bulge out of the cupboards – “pick me! pick me!”. I also realised I spent a long time thinking about wrist warmers after seeing some on a girl in the whole foods store in town and then, the clincher – I noticed that I slowed down as I drove by the yarn store.

I think it’s time to see if I can remember my ravelry password. Who’s joining me?

15 Responses to “Knitting season”

  1. Saskia

    Not me, although I’d love to. It’s just that it’s time to dust off the swimwear over here…PS. Very cute illo!

  2. Dianna

    Me! Knit season’s already in full swing for me…knocked out two wips that have been on the needles for over a year. Felt good!

  3. Tobe

    My daughter is due next week so I got a jump start on the season, however, I can feel the desire to knit more building momentum while I can’t seem to get off pinterest and ravelry!Happy Hookin’

  4. Kate

    I’m interested that you put Fall before Autumn.I’m a loving (and relating to) the girl up top with her knitting.And you know I am super excited to watch your Rav project page grow.Go the wool and sticks!!

  5. sara

    For me, it is always knitting season. I will say, fall brings my favorites out of hiding: wool! Yea, it is exciting.

  6. Di

    Autumn is definitely creeping up here – but I haven’t had much time to notice having been in Spain, Portugal, Swizterland and Italy in the last month – catching a few last summer rays (after a horrible summer here in Scotland) and managing a little knitting in between. I am making the Tilting Tardis Cowl from Ravelry in some beautiful blueberry hand-dyed yarn I bought on the island of Skye this summer…..perfect.

  7. Ani

    I love your knitter illustration. So cute, she reminds me of Little My.For me, knitting season never really ends, but I am trying to curb my urge to cast on many, many new projects and finish the sweater, scarf, and socks I already have on the needles!

  8. Jennifer

    Yes, I am with you! Already off to a good start, finishing an Autumn project before spring starts. Big accomplishment. On to the next project to cast on….enjoy your knitting, Claire!

  9. Kirsty

    It’s always knitting season! I have been knitting little tiny bunting flags while watching the kidlets at the beach.

  10. Sue

    Oh, I’m in! Forget bookclub, wrong season for gardening club. Let’s start a knitting club.

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