Thursday sketchin’

I have exciting sketchy things in the works but, as the way things are with these things, I am waiting to sign contracts so I can’t really share much yet, BUT I can share this potato.

One of my favourite places on this island is Auntie Pesto’s cafe — where you might find me eating breakfast (or lunch or dinner) quite often.

I love the Pesto’s breakfast potatoes almost as much as I love the bacon. And that’s saying something, because if the menu offered “Plate of Bacon” I would order that every day (and I am almost serious).

songsfortheday is my most visited blog these days. I blame Adam entirely for me clocking up a large bandcamp/itunes bill. Bad – but good.

And of course, don’t forget Jordan Stratford’s Wollstonecraft kickstarter! I am so excited to be spending some time illustrating these books.