Studio Ghibli + The Borrowers + Jónsi?

It’s like someone tapped into our family consciousness and made us the perfect film.

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  1. Claire T

    Was finally released in Aus (after 2 years of waiting) at Christmas, and it is sublime!We are planning Tokyo in Sept, with Studio Ghibli Museum on top of the To Do list!

  2. helen:)

    Oh, I’ve been waiting for this for so long!!! Taking my girls to see it on Friday:) I don’t think one can love Miyazaki more than I do:) Just can’t wait:)!!!

  3. Di

    Oh – have you seen it yet? It is a really beautiful movie! I loved every minute of it and I have Arrietty’s Song on my Ipod now too!

  4. jen storer

    I am sooo looking forward to this. Our family always bond over Miyazaki and that’s a big deal when ones boys are 16 and 19 jxx

  5. Bruisemouse

    We are looking forward to the English version. Subtitles can get so exhausting for the littler one.If you are planning a Studio Ghibli visit, organise tickets before you go. You need to pre-order as you can’t just turn up. Even when we were in Tokyo we tried to book but they were fully booked for the fortnight we were there. : (

  6. manda

    We all loved it too, and cant wait to watch it again at home, over and over and over.

  7. Claire T

    Also, we had the English dub version released in Aus, it would be great to see the US dub too. There are differences in the conversations even in the trailer!And thanks for the museum visit tip!!

  8. Janet

    Agree this film was a delight. I emerged from the cinema with a light heart and a big smile.

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