New year – again already?

New year’s resolutions! Yay. woohoo! happy days!
It’s ok, no need to panic: I make them, break them and move on without looking back.

Here’s the lot for this year;

1 ) Yoga

2 ) Less sugar

I know, boring boring, but it’s all about energy levels.

3 ) LAUGH more

4 ) Worry less

5 ) Love more

6 ) Parent with gusto, not with precision

7 ) Write lots

8 ) Let people into my life without worrying that the house is filthy

9 ) Like myself a whole lot more

10 ) More music, more books

11 ) Acknowledge that life is complicated and enjoy that rather than trying to sort it out all the time (does this translate as stop being such a control freak? I think so)

12 ) Blog less or more, depending – and don’t wait until I have an awesome or relevant photo or illustration to blog with (eg. see above – that’s our back gate – completely irrelevant in this context, but I really do love it.)

13 ) Turn 40 !!

That doesn’t seem too hard – does it?

Maybe the sugar one was made to be snapped in two like a dried out old stick (hand me that block of green and black’s peppermint chocolate) but the others are just part of an on going manifesto for my life. Really, it could all be summed up in one resolution:

1) Ease up, girl.

Happy new year to my lovely readers. Have an easy one. You rock my socks.