Summer creatures

This little creature makes daisy chains, chocolate cakes, new friends and bedroom messes.

This little creature  (along with all its friends and relations) broke through our fence and ate large amounts of all our precious plants before being asked to leave.

This little creature (top) is a puppy pancake. I make pancake shapes to order if I’m in a good mood. I am quite versatile – for instance, the shape underneath is the eight eyes of a spider (what? you couldn’t figure that one out? really?).

Our Summer is full of little creatures. Tiny rabbits and a family of quail are living in our blackberry brambles. The quail have  14 children. 14 children. And I thought my summer of parenting was tough.

How is your Summer (you northerners)? How is your chilly winter (you southerners)?

I’m back, sort of. Back to try some blogging again.

44 Responses to “Summer creatures”

  1. katiecrackernuts

    I think I’ll make pikelets on the weekend and find some chunky blackberry jam, whip cream and load ’em with real butter. That would be a good weekend treat, wouldn’t it?

  2. Katie

    I am SO excited that you are back! Yaaaaaaaaaay! :)That naughty little deer is so adorable – it would be hard to stay angry at anything so cute. The little daisy chain and chocolate cake making creature is pretty gorgeous too! x

  3. rachael

    you’re back!! woo hoo! love the pictures. i wish i was that talented at cooking pancakes!! so, my summer here in middle georgia, usa has been scorching hot. as in– 110 degrees. yikes!so happy to see you back.

  4. Katherine

    I only just found your blog…I think through ‘One flew over’? Thank you for coming back to share a snip-it from your world! You write so well! I would love to find out more about your home and garden.

  5. Kagan

    Hello there! I waltz in here yesterday for the very first time and thought, “now this looks like a fun place” only to realize you had been distracted for awhile. Well I’m leaving you this comment to say it was a fantastic surprise to see you post today…I love little creatures, having several of my own (including two of those bedroom mess maker types). So, KEEP IT UP! I’m back to blogging again after some distraction of my own so I know how it goes but just in case you wondered if you were talking to the wall…I’m here and I want more! Fondly, Kagan xO

  6. pip

    I would really like a pancake in the shape of an armadillo, sometime. I think that would be ace. Little fawn! OMG. That is so adorable. Probs not for your plants… but still. Adorable. xxxxxxxxxxxxx ooooooooooooo

  7. elissa

    yay! look forward to reading more of your enchanting writing, i have been missing it.

  8. Nic

    Lovely to have you back! P.S. I bet it was hard to be too angry with Bambi!

  9. Anna

    Lovely to see your blog back in my feed on this chilly Melbourne morning 🙂

  10. Dusty Jo

    Phew! Missed you! How can such an adorable creature create such havoc? And yes, I do mean the deer 🙂

  11. jennifer

    i’ve missed your posts quite a bit. checking back day after day after day. it’s good to see you. welcome back

  12. Katy Kristin

    Glad to see your back! I always love reading your posts; you were one of the first blogs I followed. That little deer might be the most adorable criminal I’ve ever seen 🙂 Katy Kristin

  13. Kirsty

    This is just the very best news EVER. The daisy chain making creature is looking very grown up!xxx

  14. ragingyoghurt

    yay, you’re back! with pancake butter as illustration medium! those crunchy edges on the pancakes are just what i need on this bitterly cold melbourne morning.

  15. Maxabella

    You’re back and on form! Yay!I’m excited that we have a delicious Summer waiting up the road for us, but I will miss the cold winter days. I like all seasons.

    14 children… now you’re talkin’! x

  16. Suzette

    Ah, gorgeous! (both little creatures)Now about the chilly winter… it’s damp and cold! Fabulous weather for the slugs and snails, not so good for soft parents ; )

  17. Frances

    Awesome pancakes. As for winter, today is lovely and sunny, and just a little bit cold. Spring is on the way.

  18. Jess

    YAY soo lovely to “hear” from you again.loving the sweet deer ( i know you’re not but it’s exciting to us southerners ) and you shaped pancakes! My mum used to do that too – probably when she was in a good mood too, but they weren’t as fancy and good as your shapes!enjoy the sun xo

  19. Christie

    Yay! Glad you’re back Claire, looking forward to hearing more about you’re adventures soon


  20. Judy

    The cute Bambi looks like a statue and I love quail. They are both good luck, you know. Looking forward to a change in seasons and seeing more about what’s happening with you.

  21. fiona

    Such a happy thing to see you pop up in google reader today! It is cold and rainy here and only chickens in my garden, not quite so enchanting as your little spotted creature. Hope all well, lovely that you’re back. xx

  22. Aidan

    what a beautiful place to come to visit… love your writing, your imagery, your links and of course the pancakes.=)

  23. claudia

    Hello, I’ve been reading your blog for I don’t know how many years! I’m really glad to find your post today and to see that you and your family are well! Thank you for the inspiration, that’s all I wanted to say. Greetings from Germany.

  24. Kate

    Hello! I was just thinking about you the other day. Thinking about following dreams and the places they lead you to. All the creatures at yours look delightful. Best be off and chase up mine and bring them inside. x

  25. Lauren

    Hurray! Love it when you blog! was trying to read your archives and couldn’t find them. 🙁

  26. Deb

    Saw you pop up in my reader and shouted “no way”. I was wondering if you were ever going to reappear.Welcome back. It was a cold and rainy day here in Brisbane – yuck (last week it seemed like Winter was ending and now it is cold again) – I hope you are enjoying your life on the flip side these days. Looking forward top more posts in the future

  27. Leonie

    So glad you’re back!I’m still waiting for summer to start, and I’m on the northern hemisphere! (English summers…)

  28. Barbara

    hello from way down here in Melbourne … adoring your Bambi …and thank you for starting to blog again because you were much missed!

  29. inner pickle

    A FAWN? In your GARDEN?! oh come on, that is just awesome. Also completely awesome to see you here. Winter in southern NSW going swimmingly, little creatures abounding here too. xxx

  30. Andrea

    Glad you are back…must say your staying power over the years has been amazing…not suprised you took a break.

  31. Anna

    So nice to have you back! I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your beautiful new home and your life there.

  32. Mara Zeitspieler

    Hey there,it’s great to have you back! My husband and me were wondering if you gave up blogging. We’re very glad to read you again. We missed you, Claire! And we love to hear from your new home and all your creative ideas.Best wishes andgreetings from GermanyMara Zeitspieler

  33. Pat

    So glad you are back! Would love to hear what you have been up to lately; have missed your fun read every day.Greetings from Maryland!

  34. Carole Wilson

    Hi, so pleased you are back! I just found you at the end of last year and then you disappeared! Can’t wait to hear more from you.

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