Summer creatures

This little creature makes daisy chains, chocolate cakes, new friends and bedroom messes.

This little creature  (along with all its friends and relations) broke through our fence and ate large amounts of all our precious plants before being asked to leave.

This little creature (top) is a puppy pancake. I make pancake shapes to order if I’m in a good mood. I am quite versatile – for instance, the shape underneath is the eight eyes of a spider (what? you couldn’t figure that one out? really?).

Our Summer is full of little creatures. Tiny rabbits and a family of quail are living in our blackberry brambles. The quail have  14 children. 14 children. And I thought my summer of parenting was tough.

How is your Summer (you northerners)? How is your chilly winter (you southerners)?

I’m back, sort of. Back to try some blogging again.