I should have said sushi!

We have one kid who is a pretty adventurous eater. We have one kid who likes bread, and really that’s about it.
Today, instead of griping about it (because we do that a lot) we celebrated Lily and her crazy eating habits and she and Phil recorded a little garage band tune:

We called it “I should have said sushi!” because that’s what she said as soon as she finished it.

18 Responses to “I should have said sushi!”

  1. tara

    Wow, did my oldest send his food list to your daughter somehow? We have the same situation in our house. One loves any kind of vegetable, the other won’t even look at anything that is green. Great song!

  2. Kirsty

    Anything so long as it’s white! I’ve got me one of those…cute on a small…not so cute on a 13 year old. x

  3. shereee

    I just love hearing those cute little voices with Australian accents. How long will they last do you think? (the accents)

  4. Jo

    Hi Claire, do you happen to remember the name of the website that made an amazing Christmas story animation last year?

  5. Karen

    That is so very very sweet. I have played it over a few times and each time I smile and smile and smile. Thank you so much! Happy festivities in your new home!

  6. Rosalie quaife

    Crisp, cute and creator of smiles! Thank you. Btw so glad to read that you will be writing. Hello from Australia :). You havemighty lucky children.


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