Snow fight at dawn

The girls were awake before 5. How could they not be? This was the first time either of them had seen a blanket of snow. We held them back until the sun came up (a little) and then it was on for young and old. We probably should have fed people breakfast before we went out as energy levels plummeted fast with all the building of snow creatures and piffing of snow balls… but now we’re eating raisin and and cinnamon bagels by the fire while we watch our tracks get slowly covered Β in a fresh sprinkling of snowwwww.

42 Responses to “Snow fight at dawn”

  1. tara

    What a beautiful snowfall, especially for your first real snowfall. Love the snowman! Enjoy the rest of your snowy day.

  2. Claire

    No kidding! Do you think anyone stopped to listen to me shouting “put your snow pants on!” as they ran out the door?? πŸ™‚

  3. Olivia

    So jealous! I am so ready for snow and igloos and outdoor bonfires here in eastern PA! Looks like you all had a great time! Have fun!

  4. Mamavee

    Fun fun! We are about to go play in the same snow storm, just across the straight. After reading your blog for such a long time, it seems so funny amd strange that you are in the same hemisphere enjoying exactly the same weather system!

  5. Carrie

    Sounds like a magical morning, and a I love hearing about the new experiences you guys are having in your new home!

  6. Becka

    Wow, you guys got a ton!! Man, it looks so beautiful with all your lovely trees. What fun for the kidlets!

  7. lea

    oooh, not many things better than dark woods after a big snow. so quiet and peaceful. try winter night bonfires…*the best.* by the way, those are some great purple/pink snowboots. wonder if they come in adult sizes.

  8. Sarah

    wow – what a wonderful post – I feel festive and snowy and cosy now – thank you for sharing such a beautiful snow scene

  9. pip

    Oh that looks like so much fun! A SNOW ANGEL?! Ya kidding me?! I bet you are having the most grinn-y day, now! Happy fire and cocoa and card games and things, you lovely people! xxx

  10. Tara

    Ooooh, I just love your photos, how magical. Enjoy that gentle hush and the crisp crunch of fresh snow underfoot (oh, and hot cocoa, lots and lots of hot cocoa). x

  11. Kirsty

    Claire this is absolutely gorgeous. You’re girls are so lucky that you made this move with them.They’ll remember this for the rest of their lives.

  12. Yvette

    Oh how fun is that!! We have had a dusting of about 1 inch … sad … I am waiting for our first BIG snow. I think this will be the best winter for the girls. Just wait until Christmas with the lights twinkling on the snow and icicles – it will really be magic.Hugs to you all

  13. Joan

    How wonderful to see, brings back many happy memories.Winter can be so beautiful and magic in Canada

  14. pinry

    how magical! i can totally understand the excitement. bet the girls are excited about having a white christmas too.

  15. Julia

    How wonderful and exciting for your kids! What beautiful photos. When it snows here in Seattle and people get cranky I will try and think about it with the wonder your kids have at their first blanket of snow – it really is a pretty amazing thing to behold. Enjoy!

  16. Cassandra

    How does it feel to be living out your dream after taking the big plunge? Gooooo Claire! Yahoooooo!x.c

  17. Elaine

    Gorgeous! Here in Toronto we are impatient for our first true snowfall. On Hallowe’en we had a little sprinkling and my son ran outside in bare feet! I get the not-waiting-for-snow-pants thing. Oh, and if you have a slow cooker, you can have wonderful oatmeal porridge waiting for you whenever you are finished playing in the snow (or when you wake on a frosty morning).

  18. Lucy

    AMAZING! MAGICAL! SURREAL! You guys have seriously written yourselves into a children’s storybook! :)Beautiful shots Claire! (and thanks so much once again for the interview last week!) x

  19. kim at allconsuming

    DUDE, you’re killing me. We’re constantly perusing real estate sites, day dreaming about a different world, a different life, an adventure.

  20. kathreen

    hello miss claire. so lovely – reading this on a sunny morning over this other side of the world. what a wonderful experience to play in such snow for the first time.xxKathreen

  21. Di

    How exciting – nothing better than snow – and first snow – that has to be fantastic!

  22. monkeemoomoo

    Wow, how gorgeous is this. My kids would not be able to control themselves with excitement. It is my son’s dream to build a snowman. Hold it, I’ve never seen this much snow either!! There would be excitement all around.Salt Spring Island really does look like heaven on earth!

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