Toast at Sunrise

Every morning we wake to spectacular skies full of dramatic streaks of colour. I am knitting these wrist warmers in preparation for the cold and to remember these beautiful autumn mornings.

(raveled here, free toast pattern here)

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  1. Kate

    You are knitting with three needles!!You have way overtaken me now.Its all gorgeous by the way. X

    • Claire

      It’s four actually! The forth needle isn’t photographed, but is the working needle that you knit on to. It was a bit of a tangle to start with but now it is quite easy – really just like knitting on circular needles.

  2. Julia

    That morning view is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me – one thing I love about living in the Pacific Northwest! We don’t have a water view but aspire to one day. So glad you are enjoying it around here!

  3. Lucy

    I don’t know which is better, the sunrise, the knitting or the thought of toast. What a combo! So pleased everything is working out so well for you all

  4. Zoya

    Gorgeous colours and beautiful photo of sunrise. Can you see it from your house or do you go out to catch it?

  5. victoria

    That is an amazing view. You seem to have settled in really quickly, I’m happy for you all. Hope the girls are happy. The Eastern suburbs are surviving in your absence!

  6. Yvette

    Beautiful sunrise! I’m still practicing using dpns, but I am getting better. What a mess I had when I first began, but I’m improving. I prefer circular needles, but you still need dpns when making hats …Love your yarn!

  7. Meppybn

    Wasn’t that sunrise just incredible? I sat in my chair and just gasped as it got richer and richer colours – of course the photo really doesn’t portray the reality. It wasn’t too early either, at this time of the year it was 7.45 a.m.!! We are having such a beautiful autumn here in the Pacific Northwest, albeit south of the border from Vancouver Island but only just!

  8. Helenb

    Those skies remind me of Tassie…..opposite ends of the world but so similar. Your wrist warmers look very snuggly and the colours are perfect woolly sunrises.

  9. Jenni

    totally unrelated but hi claire, my 7yr old son brought home areader over the weekend called “what if?” with some super cute illustrations by Claire Robertson, I wonder…… was written by Del Meridoza 🙂

  10. Anja

    Stripy sunrise & stripy knitting! Both look lovely. I have an unfinished scarf in the same Noro stripes – maybe I should finally get around to it…

  11. Andrea

    You make me wish it was winter, and that i lived up at Priest Lake in Idaho. Meanwhile, it’s summer and tropical in northern nsw and it hasn’t stopped raining since god knows when.


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