Who does she think she is?

The other day I was on my way to buy groceries for dinner, but got caught up talking in a bookshop to a new friend about her art. She is a ceramist and a mother. It was the quickest of conversations, one of those new friend conversations, establishing our potted life histories and the work we do – but we found ourselves dipping into talk about motherhood and feminism and art  – how challenging it can be but how motherhood also informs the work we do (you know the conversation). Needless to say, it was soon time to pick up Lily from preschool and the groceries didn’t get bought but I was so glad to have the conversation. I am so grateful to be living in a community which respects motherhood and art for the important things they are.

I came across this movie trailer online this morning (via Multicrafty, whose neck warmer hat I was admiring) and thought it was definitely worth sharing. Who Does She Think She Is?

I hope one day I will get to see the entire film. I have just emailed the link to our local film festival group so I have my fingers crossed.

And hopefully we can all move towards naming (at least) 5 women artists off the top of our heads.