Misty visitor

Not the best photo – it had to be quick – but look who was wandering around in our garden the other evening.

Our stuff arrives on Saturday – I am so looking forward to it. Imagine having a muffin tin… A favourite book… Something for the girls to do on a rainy day… It’s going to be awesome.

Chicks building houses:

From Lloyd’s blog (so you may have already seen this) Linda made a treehouse in the woods of upstate New York. It’s so sweet, and simple and very cool and her photos of her friends and their treehouse weekends are the stuff of dreams.

Local collective : Mudgirls: “We are a network of women who build natural structures for ourselves and each other, as well as helping others build their own, and sharing natural building skills through affordable workshops. ¬†We specialize in building with cob, as well as other natural material such as strawbale, driftwood, adobe, cordwood and recycled materials like glass, car tires, glass bottles and more.”