Jam Fancy Ceramics

Have you seen Christina’s ceramics? She once again shows that she is an incredible jack-of-all-trades. I think the behatted lolly bowl girl is my all time favourite with the Geisha girl being a close second, but all of them are exquisite. We enrolled in a community ceramics course together at the beginning of second term this year, and while I proved to myself once again that I just don’t “get” clay, Christina took to it immediately. What a gal. I miss her stacks.

Oh sad day – for me. But if you are in Melbourne, Sunday could be a very happy day for you. Nathalie Lété is going to be in Melbourne painting two shop windows – catch her in Malvern and then in Doncaster. I’m not envious of you guys, no, not one bit, not at all… nope. Really.  …. …  …..

Great Horned Owls by John James Audubon 1814 and 1821

We have a nightime owl visitor. I think my love for this place is almost complete. Two nights ago there was a large dark silhoutte sitting on a branch of the dead fir tree outside our bedroom window. And it was making hooting noises – actual, real owl-sounding hoots. After listening to a bunch of audio files, we have him identified – the Great Horned Owl.