Shelter – Lloyd Khan

SHELTER from jason sussberg on Vimeo.

How awesome is this film? How wonderful is Lloyd Khan? He has a book, you know, and a blog. Check them here.

I am posting this on my blog mostly because I know that some time today my Dad and my Mum and my Uncle will be sitting around the kitchen table in a little house in country New South Wales, having a cup of tea or maybe even a glass of wine. The binoculars and bird watching books will be out… Mum might be knitting a pair of socks… books will be on hand… probably ones by Patrick O’Brian… and my Dad might check loobylu and will then share this film with them. Mostly I am posting this so my Dad (master treehouse builder and meticulous planner) and my Mum (master gardener, cook, pragmatic reality-keeper and maker of warm homes) and my Uncle (architect, inspired dreamer and fine craftsman) might feel inspired to come and join us here in the Pacific Northwest and help build us a crazy beautiful house. All three have the deep sense of delight and whimsy that would make this appeal, I am sure. Hint hint. Dream dream.

But, even if they just came and sat by the fire with the binoculars and the bird book, and the knitting and the novels, and just talked about the possibilities… that would be equally as nice.