Collection Chouette – Nathalie Lété

“Collection “chouette” (Samedi 11 septembre 2010) toute ma dernière collection de la rentrée est sur le thème des chouettes et” — From one of my all time favourite superstars; Nathalie Lété.

More about Nathalie Lété from my archives:

Nathalie Lété painting a shop window in Tokyo

and Creatures of Habitat: Nathalie Lete

6 Responses to “Collection Chouette – Nathalie Lété”

  1. froginthepond

    I viewed half the picture (small screen laptop) and presumed the scale was, well, very small – kind of floorboard width.. Then I scrolled down further. My goodness! Amazing stuff.

  2. Lisa @ Lil Sonny Sky

    Lovely to be reading your blog again! I love Nathalie Lete too, I bought a lovely book recently called ‘Tacalogue De Jouets’ it has gorgeous painting in of toys my little boy Sonny love it!


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