A litte house in a tree

My dad has just finished building a treehouse right down the back of my parent’s garden. My dad is a meticulous planner, and a brilliant problem solver and he has put in a grand, last-ditch effort to get this finished so that the girls could enjoy it before we leave for Canada. We are all so impressed with this little beauty which he built from scratch and from his own design and is now perched amongst the boughs of a tree. When you are standing inside, and then peer up through the plastic roof you can see the nose of a possum hiding in his little wooden possum box, high up above. The magpies and the noisy miners loiter about up there too. All that is needed now is a family of small marsupials or rodents of some kind to make a home underneath, nestling around the tree trunk and the uprights and it would be an entire apartment block of cheerful but quite noisy creatures.