Kitchen Table Portraits of a Mum

By Amelia, aged 7

By Lily, aged 4 (just!)

Both girls took this spontaneous portrait drawing session very seriously. I explained that when drawing from life it’s important to spend as much time (or more) with your eyes on your subject than down on your paper. They loved the idea that it would help to look at me as a bunch of lines and shapes and not just as a mum. I loved how they looked at me with intense concentration. I loved that they snapped at me not to move. I love that from Lily’s point of view (low down) I would in fact have a very piggy looking nose with enormous nostrils. I love that despite the fact that I modelled with a mad, crazy smile Amelia somehow translated that into a vague and slightly despondent gaze.

I drew them too, but they very politely informed me that my drawings were “I’m sorry to say this mum, but kind of ugly” (Amelia) and “not really very good” (Lily) and they were quite right.

23 Responses to “Kitchen Table Portraits of a Mum”

  1. pip

    Oh Amelia. Your work reminds me of Julia Pott and Miso. Lily, I think your drawing is a lot like the wonderful artist Mirka Mora. I think it is VERY hard to draw your own Mum. And I think you guys did such a beautiful job and showed little things about Claire that I had not noticed before. Well done!!!

  2. Anja

    It’s entertaining that their portraits are sitting next to your self-portrait in the banner 🙂 I think they did really well!

  3. Zandra

    bah! those are truly GREAT! i can’t wait for all the kids to get together to make art. :)xo z

  4. melissa

    Wow – you have some talented up and coming artists there Claire!Beautiful drawings Amelia and Lily!

  5. Marie

    I’m well impressed with Amelia’s skill! Both drawings are really lovely. Children’s art makes me so happy. 🙂

  6. f

    Aw, that’s neat to see them drawing with talent and style too 🙂

  7. frog

    My nearly-8 lass loves drawing and has a fabulous art teacher at school who explains similar things to the children (the lass has already done some still life and portraits). What floors me whenever she draws someone familiar is how they look the way they look to her – they’re not just a figure but a person drawn on paper. Isn’t it just wonderful to look at children’s art?

  8. Emjie

    I can totally see you in those illustrations. 😉 Excellent drawing skills in the make.

  9. spudballoo

    Oh delightful!! i very much doubt my 4 year old could do anything nearly as thoughtful as yours.lovely! x

  10. anne

    Their critique of your work is hilarious. I love it when kids are politely informing adults as to what’s what. What a fun project!

  11. evie

    looks like these two might be taking after their mum! what a great project to do also. i love that lily has included the pencil in your hand and paper infront of you : ) very observant!

  12. yammie

    show us your drawing of your 2 cute adorable darlings pls….

  13. Amanda

    I am scrapping my plans for the night and going home and doing this very thing with my 3 daughters (2, 4 and a month shy of 6). Brilliant!


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