Amelia’s quilt – 2 years in the making

I’ve finally finished Amelia’s quilt! I’ve been working on it for about 2 years… coming to a grinding halt at some stage when it got to the hand quilting. As with all these things, when I actually sat down and got to it, things seemed to get done quicker than I had imagined in the lead up. The hand quilting was not so arduous when done chatting to my friends or the girls. The binding was a debacle, as usual for me, but it came together when I firmly told myself that if it wasn’t perfect it really didn’t matter. I started off following the Purl Bee instructions and Heather Bailey’s pdf instructions, but then decided to wing it, which was a big mistake. So it’s a little lumpy in parts but it’s done. Of course, I was seized by the desire to sew on the binding when access to my machine was at its most tricky – all the books and dvds from the rest of the house are currently piled all around and under my table while we are painting – so even pushing down on the foot pedal meant my whole body was at an awkward angle. But did I stop to rearrange? Clear my desk of extra bits? Of course not! I just cursed and swore and shouted at people who dared interupt until it was done (20 minutes! Not weeks on end as I might have imagined somewhere along the line).

And tonight Amelia is snuggled under the new quilt and loves it.  While the full-on nature of the design is kind of “Me 2 years ago”, and I would probably come up with a different kind of scheme or combination now (a little more subtlety perhaps?), it’s done! I can cross that one off my “Big List”.

*** Most of the fabrics are Denyse Schmidt beauties – mostly Flea Market Fancy. There are a couple of Kaffe Fassett solids in there too.  All were a pleasure to work with ***

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  1. Jo

    Looks lovely, and so nice to have the weight lifted off you… funny how we build things up in our minds, I am trying to face down my first attempt at screen printing this week, and it’s taken for the ‘deadline’ to be looming to finally build up the courage {well soon I will build up the courage, soon!}

  2. jenny b harris

    Wow, I am so impressed that you were able to work on your machine in the middle of that. The quilt is fabulous, what a yummy collection of colors and fabrics. Gorgeous!

  3. christie

    beautiful Claire!No wonder Amelia loves it.

    PS glad i’m not the only one who shouts at her family when she is trying to get some sewing finished!

  4. liz

    i love sweet, cheery, and cozy!and what a satisfying feeling to cross something like that off of your list… (now what’s next?!)

  5. mylene

    you are an awesome mother! can u post up close ups to inspire us? don’t have to be perfect! im looking forward to bring out my sewing machine and start on projects too!

  6. Veronica

    It’s lovely. I love the bright colours. Something I could imagine my daughter carrying around the house with her constantly.

  7. innerpickle

    It’s gorgeous! And so exactly the way I sew. I love that you didn’t create an idyllic clear working space for the photo and that someone else has books/boxes/toys/projects stacked up against their useful IKEA storage units and can’t access them. I am so there.

  8. tracylea

    the colors are beautiful. And I have a feeling over the years the lovely wearing of it will make it even more loved (and with slight fading will seem to reminisce of younger days – which she’ll probably adore)

  9. Megan

    Congrats!! It looks so snuggly and pretty! I like seeing her reading beneath it. A nice shot of one of the great pleasures in life. Doesn’t it feel so good to finish something that’s been around for a while? I love that feeling.

  10. jessi

    I agree! It is beautiful and of course after 2 years your taste will change, but it still very good taste, so don’t you worry about THAT! :)Amelia looks like she loves it to bits and it does look so cosy!!


  11. Anja

    I recently finished a knitted sweater for my husband that was started in 2006 (!), practically finished, then unravelled because it didn’t fit, and re-knitted in the right size. It felt so good both to be free of the project and to see it being used!

  12. allison

    Those colors are just so bright and cheery! Looks like she’s already enjoying the best part of a quilt, curling up with a favorite book 🙂 Nice work.

  13. Pip Lincolne

    Oh! I love it! Binding is fun and annoying, huh?! For the life of me I always have to hand sew the second side….! Amelia looks totally snuggly under this : and just in time for Autumn. You did an ace job, Loobs. xxxx

  14. Kellie

    Beautiful. I have been collecting one for my son since he was 1, and now he is 4. hahaTwo years is good, plus its beautiful.

  15. Kate

    A fantastic quilt, the gold FMF bouquet is a fave.I just finished binding my daughters quilt last night…18 months after I started. Boy it feels good to be finished!

  16. jay anderson

    what a happy find! i gave up on my first patchwork as it took so long – it really is a labour of love – your colours and patterns are lovely and well worth the length of time it took!

  17. kylie

    I thought I might squash 3 comments in one1. I two have an almpost finished quilt that has taken me 4 years so far to finish and I love your quilt I dont think its too bright.2. I love books too…lots.3. I so know how you feel about Autumn and lostness once kids are all at school, it took me 15 years before all of mine were off and out and then I went back to Uni. First day back today, final year, no more spare time 🙂

  18. Susan L

    that fabric might be so yesterday for you … but it’s still today for your daughter (and me by the way). it’s gorgeous and your daughter looks so sweet under it. well done for finishing

  19. Salihan

    I LOVE the fabric you’ve chosen. Your good eye for colours and patterns make the quilt timeless. It’s bright and cheerful whether it’s 2010 or 2020. I hope your daughter and you enjoy many years snuggling underneath it. Good job!

  20. Francesca

    Yay! It looks perfect to me – warm and wonderful. I’m sure Amelia will treasure it – I adore the quilts my mum made me!

  21. Umatji

    Well done. I am glad she loves it. I sometimes wonder with my very late makings if the moment might have passed and my boy might just not want it or love things any more but I have been lucky so far,. did you have those nerves?

  22. Kirsty

    Three cheers for you!This is the very reason I don’t tend to tackle the larger projects. In my head everything takes so long!

    BTW…love the autumn look.

  23. Chris

    Hurray. Good for you. I’ve been knitting a quilt for over 3.5 years. Let’s really call it 4. So your 2 years is pretty fine by me. The colours are great, especially for a little girl. It’s no wonder she loves it.Also, going back to a previous post of yours, feeling lost with children at school, I hope you are feeling ok about taking the time, waiting till term 2. In the broader scheme of things, a few weeks isn’t going to make much difference, really.

  24. Mousy Brown

    I am so glad I am not the only one who works in conditions like that – I sometimes think I should get danger money! I love the end results and it looks like the new owner does too! Beautiful! 😀

  25. larissa

    all that delicious color. socks me right in the eyes! I really love it, so worth the effort to finish. Your methods sound a lot like mine. Procrastination/clutter contortion/mania all being integral parts of my work process. 🙂

  26. tulip

    Beautiful! The fabrics are just beautiful. :)I love that I’m not the only one who just goes for it even when the machine is in no way accessible. It’s the “I will not be stopped” momentum. 🙂

  27. melissa

    Love the quilt, the colours are stunning. Sometimes these things take time to evolve and your quilt looks like it was worth the wait! I was a Moomintroll fan when I went to school. I think I have the dangerous journey book somewhere in my house. When I saw your blog I raced to my son’s room to see if it was on his shelf. I may have taken it to school. I will have to have another look at it. I didn’t know they were so hard to find.

  28. Marty

    lovely quilt. I have one in progress that is so old I’m ashamed to say.(30 years) I WILL finish it. I believe that is an old cast iron Kenmore in the background. Am I right? One of the best machines I own.


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