What’s Hot and not – a day late




We’re in the middle of the busiest fortnight of the year. Sorry this is a day late. Lots of hots this week and only a few nots which is good.

The how:
To play along, it’s as easy as writing up your own hot/not list on your blog and then linking back to me here at loobylu.com and then adding your url to the widget below.


Mum and Dad’s ever expanding no-dig veggie garden and Saturday afternoon in my parent’s garden: – Totally blissful.

Phil’s home from California: – Totally hot. Apart from the jet lag.

Comments from Loobylu ornament fans: – thank you if you did!

My crafty girls 1, 2 and 3: – I had a lovely evening sipping Kirsty’s Caiprioskas and chatting and gossiping last night. I have made three amazingly lovely friends this year and I am looking forward to another year of good catchups.

Tiny knitting: – I love a good quick project that actually works out. My tiny knitted caps seem to work for me, immense satisfaction is gained from very little effort.

Hot glue gun: – I was looking for a life changing experience when I bought my first hot glue gun this week. It was a complete, frustrating disaster. I was so disappointed but then decided that perhaps it was the gun itself and should try another. So I got a slightly bigger model, and some advice from a very kind girl from Art Riot in Camberwell and indeed it is a life changing experinece. How did I ever get along without a hot glue gun before? My little ornaments would have been so frustrating without it.

Amelia finally lost her first tooth: – she’s only been waiting for it for two years and it disappeared into a slice of pizza never to be found again. Luckily the tooth fairy doesn’t mind. (Did you know that the tooth fairy gives some children $10 for their first tooth? Is that called inflation? In our suburb she only leaves a much more meagre $2 coin – Amelia says she wants to move to Surrey Hills where their regional tooth fairy is much more generous).

A good end to the school year: – Apart from tired children from parties and discos and too much gifted chocolate and candy canes, everyone is cheerful and well. The head lice seem to have even taken a break.

Tumblr: – I’ve been following some folks with beautiful images and illustration posts. I’m liking Tumblr again very much.

Other web loves this week: Make and Meaning and The Design Files. Good stuff!


Noisy middle of the night neighbours. Noisy middle of the night neighbours’ dogs.

Glue gun burns – they are not kidding when they say that those things can cause burns. So hot it’s not hot.

How about you?