On this day ten years ago I published my first post under the moniker Loobylu.

Yep – I’ve been doing this for 10 YEARS. I did take a whole year off in 2006 so I have been debating with myself as to whether this is a anniversary of note or not, but I think I have decided that regardless of anything else, I have spent a whole decade, (more than a quarter of my life) online and that’s worth mentioning!

Lots has happened over these last 10 years – online and off. I can’t even begin to tell you how many good things Loobylu and the world of blogging has brought my way – including friends, laughs, confidence, opportunities, and lots and lots of amazing inspiration – some of it life-changing.

So thank you to YOU for reading here and sharing in all the good stuff and putting up with occasional whinge. Thank you for commenting, or emailing, for mentioning me on your blog or in your article, for buying my stuff on the odd occasion and to the kind souls for sending me stuff in the mail. Thank you if you just drop by and check out my stuff from time to time. I hope you stick around. I know it gets a bit shaggy about the edges, but that’s the way life is and that’s how I like it.

So in no particular order, here are my favourites and my bests who have meant something to me and my online life, people who have inspired me, supported me and made my life a whole lot better over the years (over the DECADE!) – I may have forgotten very important people, probably glaringly obvious people… that seems inevitable (sorry!)…

Amanda Soule, Kylie Gusset, Van Sowerwine, Daniel Bogan, Peta Calvert, Bronwyn Quilliam, Derek Powazek, Heather Champ, Paula AbilheiraBen and Mena Trott, Megan Reardon, Amber CarvanKirsty Macafee, Shannon Lamden, Christie Fowler, Pip LincolneAlicia Paulson, Amy Karol, Hillary Lang, Jenny Harris, Elissa Baxter, Erin Lewis, the other Kirsty, All the lovely Aussie craft & writing & food & mum bloggers, Ben and Suzette Hosken, Christina Gordon and Paul Stephens, Fran Atkinson, Rachel Power, Suzanne Janes Schmalzer, Tania Howells, Meg Ulman,  Anne, Lliam, Paul and Lara, Nic and Jud, Cassandra AllenGayla Trail, Anne Wilson, Maggie MasonJeffrey Yamaguchi, Someguy, Heather Armstrong, Anna Dorfman, Kathreen Ricketson, Shauna Reid, Samone Bos, Ben Ryan, Eliza Floyd, Theresa Smythe, Mimi Kirchner, John Martz, Buster Benson, Ward and Andrea Jenkins, Camilla Engman, Carly Schwerdt, Witold Riedel, Fiona Dalton, Jhoanna Monte Aranez, Nikki Hall, Rosa Pomar, Emira Mears, Alex Beauchamp, Melissa Hicks, Keri Smith, Christine Castro, Ada Saab, Kim, Claire, Marnie, Richard, Emma, Lizzie +  Mick and my big, crazy, blog loving family and my 2 little girl humans and PHIL of course.

THANK YOU! Here’s to ten more years – when we’ll be able to check our favourite blogs directly plugged into our brains.