What’s Hot + What’s Not

Back for another run down of the good and the bad around here.

And don’t forget the game plan:
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The Dover Design Sampler: Free royalty free images to download for your personal use every week. I am slowly building up a folder of great and highly diverse images including this great samurai guy.

Christmas tree decorating day! It all started with croissants and high excitement.  I did lots of deep breathing and letting go of my control-freak nature and let the kids decorate the tree in the way they saw fit. It has big empty patches and highly intense clusters but the kids had a lot of fun. Ok… so I might do a bit of sneaking about at night and rearranging… I just can’t help myself.

Finishing Nanowrimo and starting new work. My manuscript got very earnest by the last week so as a antidote to earnestness I am writing a zombie book … for now. Because, well, why not?

Sloppy Joes – this is my all time favourite “can’t be bothered” dinner. It’s pretty yum – Phil calls it Candied Meat because there’s a lot of sugar in it and it’s sweet as sweet. We use red capsicum instead of green and I use my mum’s totally delicious tomato sauce so it’s kind of “healthy” and a dash of worcestershire sauce is mandatory.

Hanging art work. Oh my goodness. Phil hung our Timba piece and any guilt about buying art has been completely overpowered by how flipping good the artwork looks hanging in our rather odd lounge room. It makes us feel a lot happier about where we live.

Dan Zanes and friends – always pretty hot, but they’ve made a little resurgence in our house this week. They make me happy and the kids are doing a lot of dancing. Oh look, you can follow Dan Zanes on twitter.

Christina’s prints: I know they were on my Hot list last week, but after dropping in to visit on Saturday afternoon and scoring a couple of my very own prints, I am so impressed with how they came out. The printer and the paper she is using seem to bring out the oil paint quality so well. She’s put even more up this week. So many good ones to choose from.

Cleaning the studio: I am pulling fabric out of cupboards and folding, sorting and purging. My paper recycling bin is stacked full. Dust bunnies have been captured and tamed. My big goal is to get the room ready for a new year of work. I think it may take the rest of December to get there. Studio inspiration at share some candy.


Head lice – blerg.

Lily’s asthma – but getting better again. There haven’t been so many nights of lying awake listening to her cough this time around.

And that’s it! What’s happening with you?