A little marker of sorts

I just passed the 50,000 word mark on my awful manuscript!

Here’s a little screen shot of the word counter sitting on top of my 50k word file just to show you that it’s all true. I really did do it.

Thank you NaNoWriMo! I am going to shut down my first draft and not look at it again until January. After that I am going to donate some money to The Office of Light and Letters and then tomorrow I start something new (I’m going with Jerry Seinfeld’s philosophy of “don’t break the chain“).


And yes, that does say “chicken dance”.

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  1. Tanya

    HUrrah!!!!!!! for you!!!!!!!! Well done you!!!!! Amazing!! And who is having a chicken dance? Why is the chicken dancing? Hmmm.xxx

  2. ecoMILF

    Ummm. Congratulations, really… BUT I just opened up your RSS feed through my email and this box came up with Draft target Session target etc.. and i tried to click it away and it wouldn’t budge… and I got all worried…o h no- a virus! A pressed a button I shouldn’t have! It won’t go away…. LOL. Then I actually took the time to read a sentence or two of your entry and realized that the window was just a picture. PHEW! I obviously shouldn’t be on the computer before 9. Have a wonderful weekend and congratulations again!xo m.

  3. Umatji

    well done you! good to have a break – enjoy it and do your own 50,000 word chicken dance!

  4. Meg

    Congratulations!! That is a huge effort. Very inspiring, as usual, Ms Loobylu. xx

  5. kim @ mommyknows

    I bet it’s not as awful as mine!I finished NaNo too! YAY!

    Congratulations. This was my first go, so I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

  6. Virginia

    Hey! That’s cool 🙂 I’m using Scrivner, too for my manuscript. Good luck with it…

  7. Emjie

    Hey congrats! And you are a few days ahead double hoo-rah! I feel a lil ashamed I didn’t follow through with this activity, though I did have a few other projects that I promised myself I’d do in November. So I guess that’s not so bad. I could always try this writing thing for myself any month of the year.

  8. tracylea

    we are very proud of you! That’s amazing! I signed up and wrote 0 for NaNo. Such a commitment 🙂 AND YOU DID IT! WOOT!

  9. christie

    very concerned that your manuscript involves the words ‘chicken dance’….but seriously claire, well done, that is such a huge achievement & you should be super proud

  10. Shelley Noble

    Congratulations! That is a major accomplishment! And “Don’t Break the Chain” concept works absolutely! My husband has used it himself and can attest!

  11. Tara

    Hooray chickadee, but you know that I’m now dying to read what you’ve written. Shame we can’t unearth some of your earlier works 😉 xx

  12. Caitlyn Nicholas

    Oh my goodness. Loobylu! I loved your blog, and when you paused in 2007 I checked back a few times but never saw an entry. I’ve thought of this blog from time to time since then but never thought to check if you’d started blogging again and now here I find you again through random blog surfing! LOL. Shall be visiting often :)Cait

  13. Mandy

    Good job on finishing it up!! I unfortunately dropped out in the first week… hah! But look at you, all gumption and determination!

  14. momo

    Well done, Claire! And I LOVE that link. Perfect for 2010. And I especially love that I will have Jerry’s voice in my head saying “Don’t break the chain!”

  15. Lea

    i think at the 50K word mark it would be a shame if there WASN’T chicken dancing!

  16. Annie

    Hooray! Congratulations – that’s quite an achievement. One day I’ll think about attempting it! Well done x

  17. Teresa

    love the ‘don’t break the chain’ from Seinfeld, and can hear him in my head too momo – off to buy another calendar!

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