What’s Hot + What’s Not this week



How did it get to be Wednesday again so soon?

What’s hot and what’s not at your place? The weather is getting hotter around here and so is my frame of mind. Bonza. I had a few people asking me how to play along – it’s as easy as writing up your own hot/not list on your blog and then linking back to me and then adding your url to the widget below. Simple! So hot!


Home organisation – brilliant! I am actually making a difference around the house. What will be totally hot is if I keep it up for more than a fortnight. The house looks pretty fine at the moment and I am still managing to get some parenting and some NaNoWriMo-ing in.

Polly&Me handbags… (images above) so gorgeous. I saw a couple of these bags in a gorgeous shop in Bangalow last month and came home to look up the website. “Polly&me is an Australian sister team working in Pakistan. Cath Braid, a fashion designer who trained at Central St. Martins, London, started working in Chitral on a womenwear label “Caravana” and has been working in Chitral for six years. Now she and her sister Ange run the business Polly&Me with over 400 women across eight centers in and around Chitral town, producing textiles for women’s accessories.” (from Fashion Windows). The top two bags are from their current collection Sugar and Spice (how much I love that beautiful bag with songbirds and laundry – top right) and the bottom two bags are from the new range, Gup Shup, coming out soon. (images reproduced with permission).

Bored to Death – love it. It makes me laugh out loud.

We have a big gap in our yard and I keen to fill it with a cubby house. I am super keen on this Roulotte in a garden in the Netherlands- -see what I mean? Who wouldn’t want such a cute playhouse? I have serious playhouse inspiration every time I visit Mikodesign.

Lemsip, echinacea, blueberry & pomegranite juice, vitamins, fruit and lots of water. Coaxing my immune system back into a more enthusiastic approach to life.

Not Hot

Arguing kids. Is this how it’s going to be for the next 15 plus years? Perhaps when they get to the age when they plug themselves into individual sound systems and cease communicating all together will be when we have some peace. Sad!

Not hot is not getting around to visit all the What’s Hot + What’s Not participants from last week. I’ll definitely come by and visit this week now that I have everything so neatly written on index cards and am totally organised! Thanks for playing along again. xx