My Place and Yours

Pip’s started a meme – My Place & Yours… with a new theme every week. This week is “On the Shelf”. I found these two sweet little kokeshi dolls in a gorgeous shop in Bangalow called Little Peach. They have joined my handmade girls on top of my radio on the shelf above the sink. They make me happy.

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  1. Pip Lincolne

    Aw cute! Go the fro, too! I bet you had the world’s ace-est time! It’s lovely up there, isn’t it? We went a long time ago and spent a few days at Byron and then a week at Yamba. Yamba is REALLY lovely too! Hope you guys are all on the mend and things are super sunny in your world! xx

  2. Vic @ Punky and Me

    They would make anybody happy – beautiful!Pretty things are SO much nicer when you can remember their story or they remind you of a special, happy time…!

  3. sara

    what lovely stuff to look at while washing up! – and a lovely window. I would love a window to help with the washing

  4. Tara

    Of course they make you happy, it’s because they are super delicious and smiley. And loving the fro, too cute xx

  5. Julie

    Those dolls are gorgeous 🙂 I recommend you keep them out of reach of little people though – my 1 year old ‘went to town’ with my kokeshi doll (my fault for leaving such a cute doll within her reach).. needless to say – she’s a very ‘unique’ kokeshi doll now. She still makes me happy though (the doll – and the 1 year old!)

  6. lexi

    I love Little Peach, I could spend a loooong part of my day in that little store. So much to look at. I snaffled some really cute birds from there, LOVE!

  7. karen shavit

    So cute!I love the Kokeshi dalls,I have a nice new collection of them,and I have posted about it,the same day that you


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