What’s Hot + What’s Not Wednesday


Hello – There is a phantom publishing this post, as  I am some miles away hopefully lying on a beach or sipping a cocktail. What – no internet for 5 days? CRAZY. But here’s my What’s Hot + What’s Not Wednesday – it was great to hop about the place last week and find out what’s hot and what’s not elsewhere, so please feel free to post the link to your url below if you take part.


Fake tan! I got a fake tan – oh so funny. Amelia couldn’t look at me without saying “I want the real you back!”. I have never, ever had a tan in my whole life so it was really very novel. I was surprised at how good all my clothes looked. Now I get why people like to look brown. The actual spray tan process was not nearly as humiliating as I imagined and I am not even orange. Amazing! It’s too bad I discovered this in an era when it is completely dangerous to get out in the sun and get the natural version of this.

Migaloo: (above) An albino humpback whale. He was sighted off Byron Bay on the 28th of September. He’s probably well and truly gone by now, but I hope to see some whales (and maybe their calves) on their way home from their migration south. I am also packing binoculars because imagine how many new birds there will be to add to my list! The place we are staying even has a downloadable bird walk brochure. Awesome. (Tag: bird nerd)

Paul’s chocolates. Our good friend Paul did a chocolate making class last week and he gave us a box of his beautiful goodies. I am so impressed with how beautiful and interesting they are, and how good they taste. We spent quite a lot of time trying to convince Paul to try out for Master Chef for next season… but then we all wondered if there is anyone who needs that amount of stress in life.

Upgrading iTunes and sharing all Phil’s music. So much good listening going on around here.


Pale people (but not pale whales – ha ha!)

The little barky dog next door, right outside our bedroom window. We had a peek at him over the fence and he’s insanely cute but he does have a tendency to need to express himself at all the wrong times.

A small child with post-viral asthma: Phil and I were running on stress for two days. She’s getting better but I am no good at sleeping while wondering if we are going to be leaping into an ambulance at any moment.

Survivor Samoa. I dunno. We watched the first episode and there a couple of characters who are so mean I didn’t feel compelled to tune in again. I *know* they are probably actors, I *know* they need bad guys… but it left me with such a bad taste in my mouth.

Hot or Not? Alexander McQueen’s 10 inch stiletto pod shoes — I can’t stop looking at these. Surely influenced by the Alien films – but amazing and creepy and dangerous! What do you think?